Shopify Booster Theme Review

Shopify Booster Theme Review: Will this Premium Theme Actually Convert Your Visitors into Buyers?

  • Shopify Booster Theme
4.8/5Overall Score
  • Lots of revenue growth features
  • Lots of optimization features to improve overall user experience
  • Fast page loading speed
  • Copycats Stopper
  • Amazing design
  • 10 language support
  • One-click theme updates
  • Awesome customer support
  • 8 Demo Stores
  • Lifetime License is also available
  • Little expensive
  • No unlimited-stores license
  • 1 Year of tech support with the lifetime license (Choose annual plan for continuous support)
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Disclosure: This Shopify Booster theme review post contains affiliate links in the form of text and images. If you click through them and make a purchase, I’ll earn a commission at no additional cost to you, which will support this blog.

Hi there! Because you’ve stumbled upon this page, you’ve obviously heard quite a bit about the famous Booster theme. So, I won’t waste my time building up the moment!

But you should know that in the eCommerce business, after product and marketing, it’s all about your website. It needs to load quickly and give a trustworthy vibe.

And if it’s the dropshipping business, the website also needs to be convincing enough for the customer to buy your product, whether through your product description copy or those scarcity and urgency snippets.

To your delight, the Booster theme does all that for you. The company behind this theme was founded by Mark L. and Justin B. in Montreal, Canada, in 2016. And it claims to power at least 6700 Shopify stores at this moment. And they claim to provide an average of 57.3% increment in the conversion rate through their Booster theme.

 Now, I am assuming you might have already gone through the sales page, so I will try not to make this review article look like content directly rehashed from the sales page.


Booster Theme Review

The benefit of templates like the Booster Shopify theme is that they save you lots of money that you would have to pay for installing essential apps, which would, on the other hand, also slow your website. And as you know, slow websites translate to low sale conversions.

But because the Booster theme has all the necessary snippets built-in, so the website won’t need to launch separate java scripts. This helps your website decrease the page loading time by a surprising amount.

The company claims this premium Shopify theme to be 2.1 times faster than the typical themes.

That’s why I’ve mentioned this in the top 10 best premium Shopify themes for this year. But that is not all. This premium Shopify theme has many more reasons to use it on your Shopify store.

Booster Theme Features

Let’s see all the Booster Shopify theme features and how they will benefit you in dropshipping.

Mobile Optimization

Most of the eCommerce customers these days come from mobile devices. This means that your website must be optimized to look compelling enough on mobile devices.

If you’ve seen the product pages in the Shopify Booster theme, you will know how amazing they look there. And not just, but all the typical stuff like product name, picture, price, Add to Cart button, etc., also appear within the Top Fold.

Optimized Product Page

In the new Booster theme update, these guys have introduced 2 new product page designs to improve your sales dramatically.

The first product page layout is called Marketplace, and it is similar to those of Amazon as it also has a similar 3-column layout.


The other product page layout is the Standard layout, but this time with a wider and much better layout design.


With these 2 new product page layouts in the Booster theme update, you’ll be able to boost the confidence of your store visitors and hence, make more of those store visitors buy from you.

As you may know, the dropshipping business mostly thrives on urgency and scarcity, especially for beginners selling random regular products.

So, during this buyer’s journey, the customer must quickly finish the whole process, from the advertisement to the payment page.

This prevents a significant number of abandoned carts from happening due to the customers getting distracted by something else during that purchase process.


Although this whole sales funnel is already fast (considering your website also loads quickly). But you can speed up the process a bit more by removing the Cart page from the funnel.

Meaning, when the customers click the “Buy Now” button, they get redirected directly to the checkout page, hence entirely skipping the cart page as most customers don’t need to see the cart page anyways.

You must install a separate paid app to apply this feature in most Shopify themes. But the Booster theme already provides this to you for free!

Optimized Cart Page

Although I told you above that skipping the cart page speeds up the sales process, keeping the cart page can also increase the total dollar value of an order. This happens when if your marketing is done good, then sometimes the customers happen to add multiple items to their cart.


And how will they add multiple products faster if you skip the cart page? Not all customers will want to go back a step to add another item to their cart.

So, the best option is to show both the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons on your product pages so the customer can choose whatever he wants to do with the products.

But once this is done, the cart page must be highly optimized to ensure sales. And to your delight, that’s precisely what the Booster Shopify theme does for you here so that you don’t lose any sales on the cart page.

Recent Sales Pop-ups

Look, unless you can create an excellent branded website or unless you have found a magical unicorn product that would give you sales regardless of how your website looks, then you need to make your website look really busy.


The recent Booster 5.0 update brought this new and better design to match today’s taste.

Take the example of any new restaurant. It can have the best food and service on the planet, but if it doesn’t look good, no one will go inside, and hence, the restaurant won’t generate any sales despite having the best food and service.

As you may know, some of these restaurants hire some people to stand as customers in the waiting lines outside the restaurant.

When real people pass by and see the big lines, they automatically assume the restaurant to be one of the best in town. And hence, they go inside and buy the food.

The Booster 5.0 theme also lets you do exactly that on your new Shopify store while saving you around $228 of money per year that you would have otherwise spent on a separate app for this same feature.


After uploading a few products to your Shopify store, you can create fake sales pop-ups for those products. And I suggest making around 2-5 times more sales notifications for the product you’re running ads for.

This will create a high value for your store, and they will see even higher value in buying that advertised product from your Shopify store. By the way, you can start your Shopify trial by clicking here.

Promotion Countdown Timer

Although people have now started catching on to these fake countdown timers, if used correctly, you can generate lots of sales using them.

booster theme

All you have to do is to place these timers on only a few of your products instead of blindly setting them on all the products you got. I suggest keeping it on less than 20% of all the products on your Shopify store. These apps usually cost around $108 per year.

But in this Shopify Booster theme, you can easily create and set these promo countdown timers on your product pages for free. And these ones look much better than those provided by the Hurrify app and other similar paid apps.

Visitor Counter

This is another fake counter exclusively provided by this Booster theme that shows how many visitors are actively present on your website at that very moment. So, how does this help you?

Imagine you are on a product page. The product counter says, “Only 2 items left” and the visitor counter shows that 40 active visitors are looking at that product.

Does this create the fear of losing the opportunity to buy the product? Will this make you immediately buy the product, given that the product’s price is within your spending limits?

I am sure you get the rest of the idea here.

Upsell and Cross-Sell Pop-up

Booster theme provides you with these 2 features to boost the average order value on your Shopify store by showing related products, better products, discounted products, etc., in the form of pop-ups to the customers in strategic places on your website… usually, they’re shown after clicking the “Add to Cart” button.


While this Shopify theme provides these features for free, if you go to buy them separately from the Shopify app store, then these two features combine will cost you around $588 per year.

Related Products

The Booster theme also lets you show related products at the bottom of the product page. This helps because not every website visitor will click “Add on Cart”.

6 Recommend

However, through the “Related Products” section, he can still see some extra products closely related to the current product. And who knows, he may like one of those and decide to buy it immediately…

Geo IP Currency Converter

7 Geo IP currency converter

If you use a separate currency conversion app, then for sure, it will place the snippet in a weird location on your product pages, and half of the time, it also looks ugly. And this happens regardless of whether it’s a free or paid app.

But in paid Shopify themes like Booster, the currency converter button is already placed at the correct location. All you have to do is to turn it on.

Note – Geo IP here means that the currency on your store will automatically be changed to the currency of your visitor’s current country. This helps them get a better idea of how much money they will spend on your store.

Free Plus Shipping Optimization

The ‘Free + Shipping offers’ refer to the sale offers in which the customer gets the product for free, but he’ll have to cover the small shipping fee.

Free Plus Shipping Feature - Booster 5.0 Theme

In this business model, you are sourcing really cheap products to ensure you’re still left with some small profit. But a better way to increase the average order value in this is by using upsells, cross-sells, and of course, consistent email marketing.

 If your product price is $0, then showing a button with the words – “Buy Now” doesn’t make any sense. And your customers will feel that weird disconnect as well. And this will decrease your sales.

As you can see in the image here, the Booster theme has provided the feature to let you choose different and unique call-to-action for your “Free + Shipping” product pages. So, now your customers won’t feel the strange disconnect between the offer and the CTA button.


From an average consumer’s perspective, nobody cares about the GDPR bar because it’s implied that the website would be taking user data.

But for unaware consumers, this bar needs to be present on your site so that you don’t get into any legal problems.

Free Plus Shipping Feature - Booster 5.0 Theme

And if you’re selling to any part of Europe, it’s mandatory to show a GDPR bar on your site.


Mostly, you’ve to install a separate plugin to activate this GDPR bar, or you hire someone to code this into your store’s theme. Both of these ways are not suitable for an average beginner. And the end result may not even look that attractive.

A separate plugin could also potentially slow down your Shopify store, which will then result in a low number of sales.

So, I believe that bringing this GDPR bar feature within the Booster 5.0 theme is an excellent choice made by their team.

Exit Intent Popup


If you’ve read my review on the eCom Turbo theme, then you’ll know I am not a big fan of Welcome Pop-ups as they’re distracting.

But Booster theme, on the other hand, lets you create attractive exit-intent discount pop-ups. So, if your store’s visitor tries to close the page, this pop-up will immediately show up a pop-up offering great discount coupon which they can claim by giving you their real email address in return.

So, having this tool is always beneficial for you. And because this premium theme provides this feature to you for free, you’d save around $288 per year if you had to buy such an app elsewhere.

Yes, Yes… The Booster theme also features welcome pop-ups if you really want to use it.

Ten Language Support

Unlike other Shopify themes that don’t support even two languages, the Booster theme supports 10 languages, and these are:

  1.  English
  2. Japanese
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Portuguese (For Brazil)
  6. Portuguese (For Portugal)
  7. Spanish
  8. Italian
  9. Danish
  10. Dutch

 This way, you can easily promote your Shopify store [get your free trial here] in all countries that speak any of the above 10 languages.

Booster Theme Updater App

In all the other free and paid Shopify themes, if there’s a new update, then you’ll have to re-download the theme and then will also have to redesign the theme from scratch. This consumes way a lot of time and effort.


But in the Booster Shopify theme, you get an app that allows you to effortlessly update your theme the same way you update the apps on your mobile phone.

This means you won’t have to re-download or redesign anything. Instead, it’s a simple one-click update!

Pricing of Booster Theme

In their latest version, Booster theme is offering you two payment options for a single-store license. You can either pay at a steep annual subscription or pay around 1.3x more for a lifetime license which will actually be a better choice in my opinion.

You can make your payment through either Credit cards or PayPal™. I’m sure you’ll have access to at least one of those two payment methods.

If you choose to get the annual subscription, then your license will have a one-year-long validity for free updates and support. Once that year is up, you can keep using your downloaded version of Booster forever.

But if you need to keep getting updates and support after that one year, you’ll have to pay the annual fee to reactivate your Booster theme updates & support.

By purchasing this theme for your Shopify store, you’ll be easily saving around $2000 per year that you would otherwise spend on separate apps if you had installed any other Shopify theme in your store.

They even claim to have this theme Updated more than 57 times till now. So, you are assured of getting the best value out of them.

Installation of Booster Theme

After making a successful purchase, you’ll get a download link and exclusive license key (do NOT share this with anyone) for the theme through an email containing all the important data regarding the theme, so make sure to input your real email address while making your purchase.

After this, go to the Shopify website and create a new store for yourself. The next step is to just upload the theme’s zip file into the Shopify store (click here for the tutorial).

Now, let’s summarize the good and the bad of this premium Shopify theme…

Dropified - Horizontal Banner

Reasons to Love Booster Theme

  • Amazing design
  • Fast page loads
  • Direct to checkout
  • Free + Shipping optimized
  • Optimized cart page
  • One-click theme updates
  • So many sales-boosting and average order value-boosting features
  • 10 language support
  • Awesome customer support

Reasons to Dislike Booster Theme

  • It’s a little on the expensive side.
  • There is no unlimited-stores license.

Customer Support

With a total of 19 employees, they have highly qualified and college-educated people in more than 11 countries, including the USA, Ukraine, Finland, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, and Canada.

Their support team is available all 7 days a week. And they claim to respond to your support query by the next day.

So you are all covered here as they claim to have a 96% customer satisfaction rate.

Refund Policy

Earlier, the staff at Shopify Booster theme were not giving any refunds, and all the sales were final. So, this was a significant deal-breaker for some of you guys. And I don’t know why they do this. Maybe they had great confidence in their theme based on the current user feedback.


Their refund policy is 7 days, which is an excellent modification to their refund policy. And I suggest you take this theme’s test drive on your Shopify dropshipping store without any refund-related fear.

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Booster Theme Review: Final Verdict

Booster Shopify theme is one of the best high-converting Shopify themes for dropshipping at present. And because everything is already set up for you, you also don’t need to figure out what more you should do to get high sale conversions.

But do me a favor. After you purchase the Booster theme, make sure to customize it as much as possible (but without making it look like crap) because, without customization, all the Shopify stores on the internet look precisely the same. Due to this, people start to consider them – scam stores, and that’s how you end up in a no-sales rat race.

If you are serious about increasing your sales conversion rate and have the money to buy the theme, then you should definitely buy this theme and start creating your amazing Shopify store now.

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