CJDropshipping Review

CJDropshipping Review [2022]: What Makes It Unique & Useful?

  • All products are delivered in one package with only your info. Over them like how a brand is supposed to normally do.
  • Fast & Cheap shipping
  • Local warehouses in multiple countries
  • Product quality inspection
  • You talk with their customer support instead of separate sellers.
  • Limited number of products in comparison to other similar platforms.
  • Being managed by a small staff, details for most products are not available but can be provided on request.
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Long shipping times were always a great concern among the newbies in dropshipping business. But since the COVID hit in January 2019, shipping times became an even bigger issue because most customers had nothing much to do besides sitting at home.

So naturally, their mind would keep thinking about the fact that they had placed an order from a website and it has still not reached them. And even today, this concern stays still.


One obvious solution to this is working with a USA-based supplier. But the problem is that they just don’t work with any random dropshipper. It may take time to build a relationship with them and you may even need to show some sales proof to make them consider you.

That’s where CJDropshipping comes in!

For a long time, even though I had heard the name CJDropshipping, I still had no clue what it really is. The reason is I never bother to really look into it.

But now when I did check it during my research for another article, I found CJDropshipping to be a really interesting Chinese eCommerce website that’s primarily for dropshippers.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links in the form of text and images. If you click through them and make a purchase, then I’ll earn a commission, at no additional cost to you and this will support the blog.


What is CJDropshipping?

Established in 2014, CJDropshipping is a Chinese eCommerce website from where dropshippers can order products after receiving an order on their Shopify dropshipping stores.

Currently, it’s fulfilling orders for over 297,833 sellers across the world which may or may not be dropshippers. You can also check their about page.

CJDropshipping Homepage

Although a great sourcing platform for intermediate dropshippers due to its fast shipping time, CJDropshipping may not necessarily be a cakewalk or an almighty solution for beginners.

Does that mean a newbie shouldn’t use this website for sourcing their products? Well, let’s find out!

Who is the owner of CJDropshipping?

CJDropshipping is owned by Andy Chou. He, along with his team, launched their website primarily to sell jewelry.

One of their jewelry items, a Christian cross necklace became their winner generating enough money to transition their jewelry selling website into this dropship sourcing platform.

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How to use CJDropshipping?

Step 1 – After registering your free account at CJDropshipping, you can choose to source and/or sell your products in 4 ways:

1. sell the already listed products

2. source a product from 1688 or Taobao or AliExpress

3. sell their print on demand products using your custom/personalized designs

4. Send bulk inventory from your favorite sources (like Alibaba) to CJDropshipping’s warehouses at which point you can also call them as CJDropshipping fulfillment centers.

Step 2 – You can ask their team to provide you with custom pictures and/or images that you can then use on your Shopify store as well as in your marketing campaigns without fearing copyright infringements.

Step 3 – You can set up/request custom packaging and labels to properly Whitelabel your products to ensure that your customers get the best shopping experience and hence, remember you when they need to buy something again or to refer their friends to you.

Step 4 – After CJDropshipping receives your order, they’ll process/dispatch the product out of their warehouse within 1-4 days on average.

Note: Setting up CJDropshipping for the first time can be complicated. However doing that initial setup, the order processing chain becomes a smooth breeze of air.

How to connect CJDropshipping to Shopify?

Follow these steps below to connect your Shopify store with your CJDropshipping account.

Step 1 – From the top bar menu or from the MyCJ dashboard, click on Shopify under the Authorization section.

Step 2 – On the next page, click on the Add Stores and then write your original, free Shopify store domain; and then click Authorize.

CJDropshipping Integration With Shopify

Step 3 – This will install their app inside your Shopify store in which you can easily modify all the settings according to your needs.

And if you have Oberlo installed on your store, then remove it as you don’t need to use the Oberlo after installing the CJDropshipping app.

That’s it!

Oh by the way, only after linking them together, you’ll be able to push products to your Shopify store as well as be able to set up an automatic order fulfillment process.

What products can you sell / source from CJDropshipping?

You can sell pretty much anything running from regular products to print-on-demand products through CJDropshipping. But you can’t sell the products that aren’t allowed by your target country’s laws.

This also means that you can’t sell copyright infringing products.

How to find winning products on CJDropshipping?

There’s no magic bullet or section to easily find winning products on their website. If you want to solely rely on this website for product hunting, then your best choice is to go through the different categories on their homepage, some of which are – New Products, Hot Selling, Video Products, etc.

But I’d recommend getting either ShopInspect [ review ] or Intelligynce [ review ] to find your winning products to Avoid WASTING your advertising budget on the wrong products. 

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Cost of using CJDropshipping

I hope you were thinking of this question because it’s not as simple as you may think of their pricing.

Is CJDropshipping free?

You can set up your CJDropshipping account and connect with your Shopify store for free.

But if you need to use their additional services (some of which you really should) like getting custom labels, logos, and packaging; then you’ll need to pay for it according to this structure.

By the way, the warehouse fee only applies if you are sending the products to their USA warehouse/fulfillment center from anywhere else like from Alibaba for example.

How to pay CJDropshipping?

They allow you 8 ways to pay for your orders and services among which PayPal and credit cards would be the best choice for you. However, you can check all of their currently accepted mode of payment over here.

CJDropshipping Return Policy

They haven’t mentioned a clear refund period, but you can open a dispute as long as your order status is showing as ‘open’ on your CJDropshipping orders page.

I’d also recommend you notify your customers through an email to record pictures and videos of the product unboxing. This will be needed as proof while opening any order disputes with CJDropshipping.

Note: ‘Opening a Dispute’ with CJDropshipping simply means being able to open a request for a refund or a replacement.

Make sure to check their detailed return policy to avoid any unwanted chargebacks from your customers.


Is CJDropshipping good, legit, and reliable?

In one way, CJDropshipping is just another China-based eCommerce platform with the difference that it’s available for dropshippers.

Based on a high number of their customers, most of which are happy, this platform is as legit as it can get. This means that CJDropshipping is not a scam.

The biggest reliability factors about them are:

  • their fast shipping at low prices
  • their amazing integration with Shopify and a few other top eCommerce platforms
  • warehouses in 30 countries ensuring that fast delivery.

And they don’t just allow any random seller to sell their products on the CJDropshipping platform. Every seller has to go through a review process in order to get approved for selling through their platform.

Another point:

CJDropshipping staff also do a free quality inspection for every single unit of the products before it leaves their warehouse.

They also offer quality inspection for the products that you source and send over to their warehouse from other supplier websites like Alibaba. But they offer this service at a fee.

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Branding with CJDropshipping

To make higher profit margins in dropshipping, you do need to add branding to your online store and to your product.

CJDropshipping is a one-stop platform that can help you make your store look branded because it lets you private/white label your products by adding your logo to the products, custom notes inside your packages, and custom labels over your packages.


You see such private labeled products being consistently sold on Amazon every day. That’s why you see carbon copies of the same product, but with different brand names printed over them.

For better private labeling:

You can even send custom photography requests to the CJDropshipping team once you’ve found your winning product. Until you find your winning product, you can just use the product images available for free on CJDropshipping and AliExpress.


CJDropshipping processing time, shipping, and delivery time

Like most eCommerce platforms, CJDropshipping takes 1-4 days to process their orders and dispatch them out of their warehouses.

The real benefit however is in their shipping methods. Basically, what ePacket is for AliExpress, CJpacket is for CJDropshipping. This means that CJpacket is the best solution for dropshippers as a combination of fast shipping and cheaper price.

But they also offer you many other shipping methods which you can choose to use if you feel so. But make sure to only use trackable shipping methods otherwise, CJDropshipping won’t accept your order dispute requests.

And yes, CJPacket is a trackable shipping method.

CJDropshipping Warehouses

They have their warehouse(s) in 30 countries as of today including the USA. And you can see the full list of their warehouses by hovering your mouse over the ‘Warehouses’ link in the top bar menu of their website.

User Interface and Navigation

It’s a quite expansive and complicated user interface I must say. There wasn’t any easier way for me to cover all the aspects of the CJDropshipping interface.

Now, I’m not saying that you won’t be able to use it as a newbie. Rather You can actually get it set up and learn how to navigate through it if you spend some good hours understanding it. Once, everything is set up, you won’t need to waste your time on an everyday basis managing and fulfilling your orders.

In the end, that’s what matters.

CJDropshipping API

As I told you that CJDropshipping also fulfills your orders from your Shopify stores for you. And to do this, you need to use their API. You need to use CJDropshipping API to connect the platform to your Shopify store for which you may wanna look up this page from their website.

But it doesn’t stop there. You also need to install the CJDropsipping chrome extension to actually take full benefit of the platform.

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CJDropshipping Support Quality

The customer support team of CJDropshipping is pretty amazing according to most of their customers. However, you can only submit tickets as a way to contact their team for getting answers to your queries.

But you must understand as English is not their first language, so there may be some difficulties in having conversations.

By the way, you can also go to their Help Center to get access to their free tutorials on how to use the CJDropshipping platform.

How does CJDropshipping deal with the Chinese New Year?

Although Chinese new year celebrations continue for one full month, the actual holiday period is 7 days. CjDropshipping has arranged a small amount of staff to work on those days.

The only day or I’d say the evening nobody works over there is during the evening of Chinese new year’s day.

Now, you can understand one evening can’t affect your business’s operations in any way. So, you can keep running your marketing campaigns throughout the year without any fear.

Red Balloons With Candles

However, if the stock inventory gets empty, then importing more inventory could be difficult during that period.

Hence, you should pre-order more inventory or talk with their customer support regarding this probably as soon as you sign up with them to ensure a smooth order flow during their new year.

CJDropshipping Alternatives

China has lots of eCom product suppliers and you must be curious whether CJDropshipping is best for you or if should you pick some other supplier. However, not all of these are literally suppliers.

Now, What do I mean by that?

Let’s check out.

1. CJDropshipping vs AliExpress

AliExpress is the first Chinese eCommerce store that you hear about while learning the dropshipping business model. You can almost consider it the Amazon of China.

Till the end of 2018, AliExpress was doing fine as it had cheaper rates and fast enough shipping (of course not 1-week delivery fast, but acceptable). You could find anything and everything over there to sell on your Shopify store.

But then Covid hit the world in 2019, and the USA govt. Also changed some of their policies, causing the shipping prices to hike up a lot.

Today, using AliExpress is just not viable enough for a growing dropshipping business. The only time, you could possibly use it is for the product testing phase.

On the other hand:

CJDropshipping has warehouses in all of your top target countries which results in cheaper and faster delivery. And they also do product quality inspections resulting in a much lower rate of chargebacks and disputes from your customers.

And unlike AliExpress, CJDropshipping does integrate with your online store making the order fulfillment run on automation.


Know that:

AliExpress will send separate packages for the products if their sellers are different, but CJDropshipping sends all the products in one single package to your customers regardless of whether the seller is the same or separate for each of the products in your customer’s order receipt.

Also, CJDropshipping puts only your details over the packages whereas AliExpress packages have the seller’s details on them.

2. CJDropshipping vs EPROLO

At most of the points, CJDropshipping and EPROLO are pretty much similar in features and quality.

But their differences lie in the fact that EPROLO can offer you a faster, almost half shipping time. However, they don’t offer you fulfillment centers like CJDropshipping does where you could send bulk inventory even from the other suppliers. 

3. CJDropshipping vs Chinabrands

Chinabrands provides products and caters to both the customers as well as to other sellers like you. You can say that Chinabrands is a combination of AliExpress and Alibaba, but with around 200 shipping methods and warehouses in over 50 countries.

That being said, they do offer you wholesale prices and also process your orders within 24 hours whereas CJDDropshipping takes 1-4 days to process and dispatch the products.

Chinabrands has one problem though which is a low stock inventory in their USA warehouses. This can easily become a problem within a week of starting your marketing campaigns. But you won’t have to face any stock shortage with CJDropshipping.

4. CJDropshipping vs Spocket

CJDropshipping sources all the products directly from China and then it may also fill up its warehouses abroad.

But Spocket sources its products from vetted local suppliers and Etsy artisans. Most of these suppliers are either from the USA or UK, making their delivery super fast.

Unlike CJDropshipping, Spocket is not free and the cheapest best plan is their Pro plan in my opinion and you can get 5 months free by paying yearly instead of monthly.


5. CJDropshipping vs SaleHoo

CJDropshipping is sourcing and providing you the products directly through their platform whereas SaleHoo is a directory of wholesale suppliers many of which are based in the USA.

Finding such local wholesale suppliers through Google search may or may not be easy for you because they don’t know search engine optimization stuff.

Using one of the suppliers from their directory lets you source products for cheaper prices and guarantees super fast shipping prices.

Using SaleHoo, you could even transition to selling high ticket products like Bicycles on your Shopify dropshipping store.

But the best part about them is their highly affordable lifetime plan. Make sure to check it out if you’re considering using the SaleHoo directory.

CJDropshipping Review: Conclusion

CJDropshipping has better rates, faster shipping, and order fulfillment integrated into it. But their inventory is relatively quite small and hence, you may not necessarily find the same products over there that you may see on Alibaba or on Aliexpress.

Many products on CJDropshipping don’t have a product description or images or reviews to work with. The reason is all of the products on their platform are managed directly by their staff and not by the separate product sellers.

However, you can submit a request to their team for providing you with custom images, videos, and maybe even product descriptions.

But this is possible only if and when you start getting a good number of daily orders on your Shopify store.

Until then, you have to source this marketing data from Aliexpress and from other Shopify stores.

Overall, I’d say you should use the CJDropshipping platform from the beginning especially if you’re selling to USA customers to ensure faster shipping and to provide your customers a much better shopping experience.


Now, tell me in the comments below if this post helped you in making an informed decision about CJDropshipping or not?

Let’s see what can be improved over here!

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