Dropship Spy Review

DROPSHIP SPY Review – Is It Better Than The Alternatives For Your Shopify Product Research?

  • Aliexpress Product Spy
  • Facebook Ad Spy
  • Facebook Audience Builder
  • Instagram influencer Database and research tool
  • Direct integration with Shopify to manage AliExpress orders
  • A user can request for providing promotional resources for particular products and niches
  • Download product reviews from 4 major eCommerce sites
  • Access to the Dropship Spy Forum
  • Affordable price for the beginners
  • Only a limited number of Shopify stores are indexed in Dropship Spy
  • store search and store spy features may not properly work
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Dropship Spy is a SaaS (software as a service) tool that helps intermediate and beginner dropshippers in researching the best products to dropship with the help of Facebook ads and Instagram Influencers. This also means it may be a hit or miss for advertising the researched products through using Google ads.

Disclosure: This Dropship Spy review post contains affiliate links in the form of text and images. If you click through them and make a purchase, then I’ll earn a commission, at no additional cost to you and this will support the blog.

Hi, I am Varun Kwatra, the eCom. entrepreneur and in this article, I am reviewing the Dropship Spy – Shopify Product Research Tool.

I am sure you’ll agree with me that the biggest variable behind the success and failure of a dropshipping store is the PRODUCT.

Yes, your marketing strategy plays a big role in it, but some products are just not going to sell regardless of whatever you do. It’s just the nature of how this business works.


If you stumbled upon this page, then pretty sure either because you heard about this software on a YouTube video or maybe you accidentally clicked on the Dropship Spy website itself and asked yourself:

>> What if this doesn’t work for me?

>> What if it’s just another hyped tool?

>> Will it help me get rich by tomorrow morning?

If you had any such questions, then keep reading till the end because I’ll tell you about my personal experience with it… and if it will even work for you not?


MY DROPSHIP SPY REVIEW: Here Are My Thoughts and Opinions On Dropship Spy

Like some of you, I also came across this software through a YouTube video in early April 2018. At that time, Dropship Spy had lesser features and lesser products.

Although they had a FREE section then… in which, every week, they would show 1-3 winning products and all of their details required for you to sell those products.

However, because those were free products, they were promoted by a ton load of dropshippers due to which most of them failed eventually.

Needless to say, only those dropshippers succeeded who either had lots of money… or those who tried different marketing angles.

So, considering the limited features and products provided by Dropship Spy at that time, obviously, I didn’t like it. At that time, Pexda [review here] and Ecomhunt [review here] were famous tools. But sadly, they weren’t enough either.

But what could I do… I just had to take whatever I could get from them combined to find my promising dropshipping products.


In mid-September 2018, I found Niche Scraper [review here]. And to my delight, it was much much better than anything else in the market at that time for researching the winning products for Shopify dropshipping business.

So, I immediately bought its subscription and started using it for researching products to sell on my own dropshipping stores. Yes, I own both a general store and niche stores.

As you can imagine, Like many other Shopify dropshippers… I was also seeing some success now!

But I always felt like things could be improved. These software developers could make them more compact and feature-rich to even further reduce the efforts and the time of us dropshippers.

But what could I do… Most companies almost never bother about customer requests even if the masses are requesting the same thing.


In early May 2019, I started to hear about Dropship Spy again in the dropshipping world.

And my first thought was…

WHY? After all this time, what could be a possible reason for so many successful dropshippers dropping the current Shopify product research tools they were promoting and started talking about it again?

So Out of Curiosity, I rechecked the Dropship Spy website again, and this is what I found out…

Turbo Shopify Theme - Horizontal Banner

Dropship Spy Tool Has Been REVAMPED

I was astonished at just how much was now included in this Product Spy Tool.

  1. Winning Products
  2. Promising Products
  3. Store Spy
  4. Product Spy
  5. Shopify Integration
  6. Approved Influencers
  7. Influencer Search
  8. Reviews Downloader
  9. Special Requests
  10. Affiliate Marketing
  11. Facebook Engagement Calculator
  12. Facebook Audience Builder
  13. Dropship Spy Forum

Detailed Overview of Dropship Spy Features:

Winning Products

As the name suggests… In this section of Dropship Spy, you will get lots of products that are already winning on other Shopify dropshipping stores recently.

Dropship Spy - Winning Products On Shopify Stores
Dropship Spy: Winning Products On Shopify Stores

Here, you also get the Feature To Sort these products by Date, Likes, Shares, etc… and then you can also sort them in ascending or descending order… like:

  • Sorting by most likes to least likes
  • Sorting by least shares to the maximum shares
  • Sorting by the oldest added products to the latest added products, etc… as you can see at the top right corner.

The Filter button at the extreme top right corner lets you select which exact category or niche products you want to see.

If you click any of these products, you will see all the details and data you need to promote and sell that product. Alongside this, you also get to see some related products in the same niche category. Look at this example:


In a nutshell, these are the data points you get for each product:

  • Product Name and Description
  • Product Prices in both USD and GBP along with the estimated profit margins.
  • Engagement Rate of an existing Facebook ad
  • Links to Amazon US and Amazon UK pages of that product.
  • Spy Links to 1 Facebook ad, Shopify product page, and Facebook page that is currently promoting it.
  • A Graph showing you the product’s Sales Trend in the last 7 days.
  • 2 Working Facebook ad copies for split testing purposes.
  • Links to 3 Aliexpress Suppliers. This way you won’t have to do an intensive search for new suppliers if your current supplier runs out of stock.
  • By clicking that Blue button, You can even Push the product from any of the 3 provided Aliexpress suppliers directly to Your Shopify store as well if you want. No need of using the Oberlo app anymore.
  • Facebook ad Targeting List about which I’ll talk later down below.
  • One Facebook Ad Video.

Promising Product

The layout of this Promising Products Section is almost the same as that of the Winning Products Section, but the difference between the 2 is that this section shows you the products that are getting good sales on platforms like eBay and Amazon, yet these aren’t being actively sold on any other Shopify store.

Dropship Spy - Promising Products Section
Dropship Spy: Promising Products Section

All the products in this section contain the following details (as you can see in the example image below):

  • Product Name & Description
  • Product Cost, Selling Price & Profit Margins in both USD and GBP.
  • Customer Review Ratings on both Amazon US & UK.
  • Aliexpress Customer Review Rating
  • The Number of product Sales on eBay US & UK.
  • 2 Working Facebook Ad Copies
  • 6 Aliexpress Suppliers
  • Aliexpress Product Reviews and Amazon US Product Reviews to download and use on your own Shopify product page.
  • 1 FREE Facebook Ad Video (created by the Dropship Spy team) to use as your own ads.
  • Facebook Ad Targeting Lists (Again, I’ll talk about this later down below).
Dropship Spy - Example of a Promising Product & It's Details
Dropship Spy: Example of a Promising Product & Its Details

Store Spy

In the Store Spy Section of the Dropship Spy software, you can spy on other Shopify stores. And there are 2 ways to do it.

The First method is by going to the “Store Search” option in the “Tools” menu.

There, you can type the complete URL of the Shopify store you want to spy on… in the right side box… and Hit Search.

Dropship Spy - Path To Shopify Store Search Option
Dropship Spy - Search useful data of any Shopify store
Dropship Spy: Search useful data of any Shopify store

For the Second Method, go to the “Store Spy” option in the “Tools” menu.

Here, you can select the niche category in which you want to find and then spy on those Shopify stores.

Dropship Spy - Spy on Shopify Stores in your niche
Dropship Spy: Spy on Shopify Stores in your niche

On clicking any of the above categories, you will see the list of Shopify stores along with the number of page likes they got. Look at this example below:

Dropship Spy - Example List of Indexed Shopify Stores in a Particular Niche
Dropship Spy: Example List of Indexed Shopify Stores in a Particular Niche

Of course, I have hidden the store names here. Because the list is already limited at the moment so it would be unfair to show it to everyone for free.

If you click any of these stores, then you will see all the data on this store collected by the Dropship Spy Tool.

At the moment, this feature is not working properly. Right now, you can only see the Facebook ads that have been or are being run by that Shopify store.

So, for spying on their bestselling products… what you can rather do is… Open these store websites in a new tab and type or copy & paste /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling in the URL box at the end of their website URL. For example:


Some stores like the above one keep this page hidden, but most of the time, you will be able to see their Best Selling products by using this method.

Product Spy

In this section of Dropship Spy software, you actually get to see the Aliexpress products. So, I think they should have named it something like “Aliexpress Product Spy” for a better understanding.

Dropship Spy - Spy on Aliexpress Products
Dropship Spy: Spy on Aliexpress Products

This section doesn’t give you much of the details on the products as you can see in the image below. But it still saves you lots of hassle of going to separate pages to collect all this data for your decision making to whether to sell that product or not on your Shopify dropshipping store.

Dropship Spy - Aliexpress Product Spy Task Made Hassle Free
Dropship Spy: Aliexpress Product Spy Task Made Hassle-Free

Shopify Integration

Dropship Spy also provides you the option to push the products directly to your Shopify dropshipping store as well as also lets you manage orders on your store.

By this, You become able to order products with just one click instead of putting all the customer details in the Aliexpress for every single order.

Dropship Spy - Path To The Shopify Integration Feature

To take advantage of this feature, all you have to do is install the Hucksta Google chrome extension… and then connect your Shopify store in the “Store” option in the Hucksta Connect section as you can see in the image below:

Dropship Spy - Hucksta powered Shopify Integration
Dropship Spy: Hucksta powered Shopify Integration

Approved Influencers

In this section of the Dropship Spy tool, you get to see a big list of Instagram influencers that are approved by the Dropship Spy team. This means that these influencers are safe to use for your product promotions on Instagram.

And you can even filter them based on which niche category you want to find the influencers in so as to maximize your sales potential.

Dropship Spy - Instagram Influencer Database
Dropship Spy: Instagram Influencer Database

If you click the icon of any of these Instagram influencers, you will also be able to check their stats and prices. Look at this example below:

screencapture dropship spy instagram shoutouts animals hilarious 2019 05 12 17 12 01

Influencer Search

In this section of the Dropship Spy tool, you can search for any Instagram page you feel like and check their stats to figure out whether you want to use them or not for your dropshipping product promotions.


Needless to say, I am a fan of THE Man. But you can see how useful this feature would be if you had to research for best Instagram influencers for your Shopify product promotions and high sales.

Reviews Downloader

Dropship Spy lets you download product reviews from:

  1. Aliexpress
  2. Amazon US
  3. Amazon UK
  4. Walmart
Dropship Spy - Download Reviews From 4 Major eCommerce Websites
Dropship Spy: Download Reviews From 4 Major eCommerce Websites

This way, you will be able to upload the best-looking and properly readable English language product reviews for your Shopify product pages.

To download the product reviews, open the product page on any of the above 4 websites. Copy the URL link and paste it into the empty box that you are seeing in the image above.

However, if you are targeting any other language audience, then, unfortunately, this feature won’t be of any use to you.

Special Requests

Because Dropship Spy or any Shopify product research tool for that matter can’t have data about literally every niche and product.

That’s why the Dropship Spy team provides you the option to request them for providing you with the necessary data for your particular niche and products at No Extra Cost.

Dropship Spy - Promotional Data Request Page
Dropship Spy: Promotional Data Request Page

Once you get the desired data, you can then start using it to generate sales for your Shopify dropshipping store.

Affiliate Marketing

This is an awesome way used by many companies to promote their services without any extra costs.

Dropship Spy - Spread The Word To Earn Affiliate Commissions
Dropship Spy: Spread The Word To Earn Affiliate Commissions

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is when you promote a product to someone and if then they buy the product from your link (in an online environment), then you get a percentage of the sale price as a thank you commission from the product seller.

Dropship Spy - Path To The Affiliate Program Feature

After signing up on Dropship Spy, you can use the tracking link provided by them and suggest to your friends and fellow dropshippers… to use this software.

If they do signup on Dropship Spy from your link within the 60 days of clicking your link, then you will earn a 35% share of the amount that they will pay to the Dropship Spy company.

Isn’t that an amazing way to make all your money back with ease?

That’s not all! If that friend of yours also gets someone else to signup on this website, then your friend will earn 35% commission and you will also earn 5% commission of it without having to do anything at all.

But remember that all this happens only if you actually believe in this software… that it will actually help you in generating more sales on your Shopify dropshipping store.

This is because if you don’t believe in it, then how would your friend believe in you?

Facebook Engagement Calculator

Similar to the Instagram engagement calculator, you can use the Facebook engagement calculator tool to check the engagement score of a Facebook post as well as a Facebook Advert.

Dropship Spy – Engagement calculator for Facebook posts and adverts.

By using this feature, you’ll be able to make a better decision on whether the advertised dropshipping product is good to sell on your Shopify store or not.

Facebook Audience Builder

In this feature of the Dropship Spy tool, you can select the BEST targetable Facebook audiences according to the niche your Shopify products are in.


If you click on any of the above niches, then you’ll see multiple lists of Facebook audiences that you can target together or use to narrow down your potential audience; however the way you like it. Look at this example below:

Dropship Spy – Best Audience list for the Cats niche.

Of course, I’ve hidden the lists because I don’t want to give them out for free as you can that it wouldn’t be fair for those who are actually paying for this service.

Dropship Spy Forum

Dropship Spy Forum - 1

Those of you who are already a member of some type of forum, then you’d understand their importance.

But if you didn’t know, Forums are the best place to get help from fellow users of a service. Forums are where you can talk to like-minded people to share and learn new things from each other.

Dropship Spy Forum

So, if you need any help regarding Dropship Spy, you can go to any of the 4 places that are:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Live Chat Options
  • Contact Page
  • Dropship Spy Forum

And you’ll get your queries answered within 24 hours most of the time.

Dropified - Horizontal Banner

Dropship Spy Price – What A Bargain!

Dropship Spy subscription usually costs $49/month, but there’s also a limited-time special offer running right now claiming that you can get the same Dropship Spy subscription at merely $19/month. On a side note, you can save a little more if you decide to get the annual membership at $200/year.

I’m not 100% sure whether this code works anymore, but make sure to check if you can save an extra 10% on this price by using the code SAVE10 over here.

I’m sure you won’t find any other Shopify product research tool with all the features that Dropship Spy has and that too at this amazing price point.

It’s great that their team decided to replace the earlier features-based 3-tiered pricing plan structure with this 1 simple pricing plan so you don’t feel confused about what pricing plan to choose.

Isn’t that amazing?

But you should know:

Dropship Spy tool doesn’t have any free trial for you to take a free test drive. But as you can see, this tool is pretty affordable to buy anyway.

Dropship Spy Payment System

Their billing system works according to the UK time (GMT +1). So, if you live outside of the United Kingdom, then you may see the recurring payment charged on your card with a maximum of 24 hours sooner or later than the date and time shown on the billing page inside your Dropship Spy Account.

Their team accepts payments through 3 formats at present:

Dropship Spy Alternatives

1. Dropship Spy vs ShopInspect

ShopInspect [review here] is something that I would consider as the right alternative for Dropship Spy. It provides you enough data to even run Google ads on your dropshipping products. You also get more links and more data to work with on ShopInspect. But that being said, ShopInspect also costs more than twice the Dropship Spy.

ShopInspect - Horizontal Banner

2. Dropship Spy vs Ecomhunt

Although Ecomhunt [review here] is the best basic level tool for beginners, it has its limitations as you are completely relied on their team to provide you just 2 new products every day to test on your store.

On the other hand, Dropship Spy lets you do personalized research on the products and you can find as many products as you want there. The Instagram influencers database of Dropship Spy is also much more extensive than of Ecomhunt.

3. Dropship Spy vs Pexda

Similar to Ecomhunt (better than Pexda), Pexda [review here] is also a product listing site instead of being a full research tool. In pricing, Dropship Spy is also cheaper than Pexda while providing you multiple tools to let you research, spy, and analyze your options. This considerably increases your chances of winning.

Dropship Spy – Final Verdict

Overall, I’m really impressed with Dropship Spy and from my experience till now, I can safely say:

Dropship Spy is the better Niche Scraper ALTERNATIVE today after ShopInspect about which you can read here.

Besides that, I had asked them to also provide an option to pay on a yearly basis so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of paying every month. But I don’t feel like they’ll actually do this. Anyways, not that big of a deal.

If you’re new to Shopify dropshipping or haven’t seen success yet, then I recommend taking a test drive of this amazing tool once and start creating your Shopify store now (check here if they’re still giving away 90 days trial).

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