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Ecomhunt Review & Tutorial – Is it Better than Pexda?

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Ecomhunt is the best minimalist product finder tool for starting your Shopify dropshipping business. However, it can be too minimal feature-wise and hence, may not be fit for each one of you. Anyhow, the beginners can still take this tool’s advantage given they follow the imperative, yet simple 4-step tutorial down this post.

  • Minimalist & Beginner friendly tool
  • Highly affordable price
  • Product saturation inspector
  • Shows lists of relevant Instagram influencers
  • YouTube channel with lots of tutorial
  • Great customer support
  • The dashboard is way too simple
  • Shows only 2 new products per day
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One piece of advice that you’ll always receive for starting a dropshipping business is to go for trending products. Although evergreen products are excellent and would be the best choice for you, it’s not easy for beginners to promote them successfully due to market saturation.

Uptrend Representing Graph

I agree that trending products have a limited shelf life. Fidget spinners are the best example of an extremely short trend. However, the good part of the dropshipping business is that you won’t have any stock inventory sitting in your place. So, you can easily find a new trending product, change the product page, or add a new product listing and start selling it within a few hours at most.

Disclosure: This Ecomhunt review post contains affiliate links in the form of text and images. If you click through them and make a purchase, I’ll earn a commission at no additional cost to you, which will support this blog.


Do You Need A Product Tool Finder?

You don’t really need a product finder tool as you can easily find such trending dropshippable products through manual effort. But that’s the problem right there. As a beginner, you won’t have much knowledge and no experience distinguishing between a good and wrong product.

If you still go through the process of taking hours of manual product research, then it’s very likely that you may end up wasting your hard-earned money on testing a lousy product.

This could easily make you think that dropshipping isn’t for you, so you may quit the idea of pursuing the dropshipping business altogether.

On the other hand, these product finder tools help you see and understand what great dropshippable products look like and what all marketing strategies and details go into them to make the customers click. Now, that’s how Ecomhunt comes into action.

What Is Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is the cheapest Saas tool for getting trending products for dropshipping. It’s an excellent solution for beginners as it gives you lots of data on those products. However, it still may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and here’s why:

With Ecomhunt, you can’t really find any products on your own. Instead, you rely solely on the Ecomhunt team to provide you with 2 new products daily. There are good and bad of this, and I’ll talk about them later in this Ecomhunt review post.

However, you can still use Ecomhunt if you’re someone who:

  • Easily gets overwhelmed by seeing too many features
  • Prefer simplicity and minimalism

If that’s not you, then you may check the Dropship Spy tool [review here] that comes at almost a similar price but with way more features for you to play with.

At first, I had decided to explain all the Ecomhunt features to you, but then I realized there’s no real benefit. You could quickly check those features by yourself after registering your 14 days free trial account.

So, let’s just get to the point and see how you can use the Ecomhunt tool to your advantage in dropshipping without breaking a sweat.

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How to Use Ecomhunt

After logging in to your Ecomhunt account, you’ll see 1 sorting option and 3 filter options at the top. Among these, I found only the category filter to be truly useful. If you have a particular store niche, use the category filter to narrow down the product list, and don’t touch anything over there.

Ecomhunt Dashboard

From here, you must follow 4 major steps to use Ecomhunt to your dropshipping advantage properly.

Step #1 – Pick Your Product

As a beginner, you may want to ignore any expensive electronics or complex products from this list. If such things don’t work how they were supposed to (this frequently happens with low-quality Chinese products), you’ll face many refunds and chargebacks.

Also, you may want to ignore the products that could be seen as a weapon in Facebook’s eyes because then you won’t be allowed to run paid ads. But sure, you can still sell these items through Instagram influencers. So, that’s something to consider for you.

In this example, I’ll choose the ‘Hair Regrowth Essence Intensive Spray’ (image above) because of this product:

  • is simple
  • cheap cost of sourcing
  • solves the problem of a desperate market

Step #2 -Analyze The Product

If you blindly pick a random product from Ecomhunt’s list or from any other tool’s product list, then you’ll face these issues:

  • Bad reviews
  • Refunds
  • Chargebacks
  • Paypal account and/or Facebook ads account termination

Look, just because a tool suggests promising products to dropship doesn’t mean that all of them are good for you, especially as a beginner. So, you must analyze each of the products and only then make a sound decision on which ones you want to test on your dropshipping store.

Luckily, Ecomhunt gives you enough information to do this analysis. If you don’t have a store yet, click here to get your free trial for Shopify. Now, these are the 4 details that you need to analyze before settling down on a product:

Ecomhunt Product Analysis Data

Images: You want high-quality images to make your product look compelling and make you look like a trustworthy seller. It’s better if those pictures don’t have any Chinese text over them.

Profit Margin: If your profit margin on a $20 product is just $2, it’s not an excellent product to dropship. Now, I can’t tell you a profit margin benchmark as it varies according to the product’s souring cost. However, for the cheaper products, you should expect to get at least 30% of the retail price as your profit.

Product Saturation: Ecomhunt’s Saturation Inspector is a great feature here. It shows you how many other Shopify stores are selling this product. If the number is low, then it means that you’ll have less competition.

Customer Feedback: If the existing customers do not like this product, you will likely not get many sales either. If somehow, sales happen, you’ll see refunds and chargebacks coming onto the face. So, you need to open the links to all the ‘e-commerce stores and the Facebook ads’ provided on this page to check how people respond to this product.

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Step #3 -Setup The Product Page

Product Import: After choosing your dropshipping product, you’ll need to import that product into your eCommerce store. Ecomhunt team understands that Oberlo is the best affordable option to manage products and orders in a Shopify store, so they’ve provided you a ‘Sell with Oberlo’ button to import that product to your store with just 1 quick click.

Product name and descriptions: These guys also provide you with a good enough name and excellent descriptions for each product. But you may not be the only one trying to sell it. So, I would suggest modeling your own product name and descriptions based on the ones provided by Ecomhunt instead of carbon copying them onto your Shopify store.

Ecomhunt - Product Example

Images: Ecomhunt mostly provides perfect photos to use on your Shopify product page. That being said, make sure that you arrange the photos in the correct order and add alt tags to each of them to boost your SEO.

Pricing Structure: If you want, you can use their provided pricing, but I suggest doing your own due diligence first. Also, you should prefer using commonly known retail pricing structures such as .95 or .99. I’ve noticed that .97 is used primarily for info products, but you try it for your eCommerce products if you feel like it.

Product Reviews: Reviews from real customers add lots of credibility to your store, making your customers more likely to buy from you. To import the product reviews from Aliexpress and Amazon, you should use this Loox app as it’s the best app on the internet for this process.

Take a quick, thorough look at the front end of your product page to check for any missing details or mistakes. And now, you’re ready to start advertising your product.

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Step #4 -Your Marketing Strategy

Facebook ads and Instagram influencer deals are the most commonly used ways to promote your dropshipping products. Both have their good and bad.

Luckily, Ecomhunt provides you with some usable data for both methods.

Media For Facebook Ad

Ecomhunt team gives you a link to the Facebook ads actively running for that product. Besides this, they also provide you with a video they found on Youtube that could be used to advertise that product. So, if you don’t see a video on any product’s page, it’s because the Ecomhunt team couldn’t find a YouTube video for it.

Ecomhunt - Facebook Advert Content

However, you must know that these images and videos are NOT copyright free and could put you in trouble. Most of the time, beginners can fly under the radar due to the insufficient number of views on their ads. But it’s still a risky move.

Ecomhunt is not anything different here. All the product finder or product research tools provide only videos created by someone else.

In such a case, Niche Scraper takes a win here, letting you create a great slideshow video ad directly on their platform. That’s the only affordable way to obtain an excellent ad video without getting into trouble.

If you have extra money, then a few websites provide you with custom video ads at premium prices. If you’re lucky, the cheaper ones can also work great. It’s all about testing and seeing what works and whatnot.

Text Copy For The Ad

Ad copy or Text copy just means the written part of the advert. You can choose to use the text copy from the Facebook ad that’s been provided to you by Ecomhunt. However, if you can be a little creative, I suggest creating your own ad copy, which should be similar to the one you saw.

Ad Targeting

Ecomhunt team gives you targeting data for only 1 Facebook adset (image above), which is never enough. You must have at least 3-5 unique adsets for each product. But this single adset’s data will give you some idea of what kind of demographics and interests you can use for the rest of your adsets.

Nowadays, it’s more beneficial to use bigger audience groups for each adset instead of targeting a bare 50k to 100k people per adset. However, you still need to keep your audience a bit targeted. For example, don’t add football and barbie dolls in the same adset targeting.

Instagram Influencers

If you want to use Instagram influencers, then Ecomhunt provides you with a list of Instagram accounts that would be ready to post a shoutout for your product.

Instagram Influencers List For Ecomhunt Products

But there are a few things that you must know regarding this feature:

  1. It’s a mix of personal accounts and theme accounts. Personal accounts charge way more than theme accounts but also generate higher conversion rates.
  2. These accounts are listed based on Ecomhunt’s search algorithm; hence, Ecomhunt is not in any contract with these Instagram accounts.
  3. It’s solely the decision of the influencers to or not to promote your product.
  4. An account listed here doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for posting your product’s shoutout.
  5. You must check their engagement as well as the authenticity of their followers.

What does this mean for you?

By adding this feature, Ecomhunt has only removed the “influencer search” part from your research process. But you’ll still need to do the rest of the ‘research and diligence‘ process to ensure that an Instagram account is legit and is the right fit for you & your product. It’s also up to you to convince those pages to post a shoutout for you.


Ecomhunt Pricing

Do you remember I told you that Ecomhunt is the cheapest product finder tool? Well, there’s a situation that I’ll explain to you in this section.

With Ecomhunt, you have 2 methods to register your account, and your chosen method will dictate your pricing structure.

Free Trial Account

If you click here to register for a free 14-day trial of the Ecomhunt tool, then you’ll get full access to all the features of Ecomhunt for absolutely free for the first 14 days.

This also means that you’ll be automatically charged a fee (for your next month’s subscription) of either $29/month or $348 annually (still $29/month), depending on which payment plan you had chosen while registering for your free trial account.

If you don’t want to continue using the Ecomhunt tool, cancel your subscription on or before the 14th day of your free trial.

Lifetime Free Account

If you click here to register for the Lifetime free Ecomhunt account, you’ll get limited access to the Ecomhunt features. As a beginner, you won’t be able to take advantage of that limited feature access. The latest products (2 products per day) also become available 3 days late for free account holders.

You’ll see a coupon if you decide to upgrade your free account. Using that coupon will reduce your pricing to $20/month. If you choose to pay for the annual plan, you’ll get even more discount, and now you’ll have to pay only $204 annually ($17/month).

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Which Account shall You Subscribe to?

Both plans come with their perks. The free trial account gives you full platform access from the very first day, while the free account lets you pay less for the paid version upgrade. It depends on which of the two perks being – full feature access from the beginning or paying fewer, matters to you the most.

However, I suggest registering for the lifetime free account and immediately upgrading to the paid version. This will give you full feature access from the first day while paying less.

How does Ecomhunt Accept Payments?

Ecomhunt accepts all of its payments through PayPal. This is excellent news as PayPal is the most secure payment gateway in the world. This keeps you secure as your bank account details and your card details stay hidden from everyone. You only need to enter the email address linked to your PayPal account to initiate the transaction.

So, if you don’t have a PayPal account yet, click here to create your free account today.

Ecomhunt Refund Policy

Ecomhunt has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you feel like Ecomhunt is not working for you, you ask for a full refund of your payment. This is great as you won’t have to be afraid of anything while upgrading your Lifetime free account on your first day.

Ecomhunt Customer Support

If you ever feel like you need some help or information regarding anything related to Ecomhunt, then you can get help through 6 ways on their website:

  • FAQs page
  • Help Center page
  • Live chat popup
  • Email
  • Facebook page
  • Facebook Group

In the live chat, you can even leave your contact email address where the Ecomhunt team can efficiently respond to your query in case any network issue occurs or if the team cannot reply to you quickly in the live chat. This way, you won’t have to sit the whole day (metaphorically speaking) in front of your Ecomhunt window while waiting for the team’s reply.

Besides that, my queries were quickly responded to by their team, and they seemed to be knowledgeable about their work.

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Ecomhunt Bonuses

I don’t know if you’d denote all of them as bonuses or not, but either way, there are 4 of them at present:

AdHunter Chrome Extension

I told you that in Ecomhunt, you’re solely relied on their team to provide you with products. But through this extension, you can do a little bit of research. Though it may not be of much value if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You can use this Ecomhunt chrome extension on your Facebook newsfeed to ease the process of finding promising products.

Enabling this extension makes the Facebook feed only show you sponsored posts (Facebook adverts). There’s one more button activating which, you’ll only see the sponsored posts that went viral.

Apparently, the Ecomhunt chrome extension is not working for me. The support claims that it should work, but it’s not. They also said they’re not providing any active support for it at the moment but will later reintroduce the extension with more features and improvements. So, in the meantime, you can use this free chrome extension to do this task (just make sure to refresh your Facebook homepage after toggling this extension on/off for it actually to work).

If you like the products shown, dig deeper into them. Check what the customers love and hate about it, who is buying it and why, how the product page looks, and how the advert is laid out.

After doing a proper analysis, try that product on your Shopify store.

Webinars & Tutorials

The Ecomhunt team has created a total of 11 videos to help you learn and understand different aspects of dropshipping, ranging from finding the right products to scaling your Facebook ads.

Ecomhunt - Webinars and Tutorials

Based on the upload date of the YouTube videos on that page, I believe all of their videos were recorded in December 2016. This really makes me question the seriousness of the Ecomhunt team.

The tips and tricks in the world of dropshipping and Facebook ads can become redundant, sometimes even a few months after they were taught or discovered.

However, I’ve watched these videos, and they’re still usable to a great extent. So, check them out, but don’t rely on them alone. Go on YouTube, and you’ll find lots of helpful dropshipping tutorials.

UPDATE – On talking to their support staff, they confirmed that they have moved to YouTube (clicking that YouTube banner will take you to their YouTube channel); hence, that page is outdated now. Although they said that they’re working on updating that page. If and when that happens, I’ll update it right here.

Ecomhunt Winners Club

If you generate at least $5,000 of revenue by selling the products suggested or found by Ecomhunt, you’ll become eligible for Ecomhunt Winners Club.

Ecomhunt - Winners Club

Once they check and approve your application, you’ll receive a free t-shirt with the Ecomhunt logo slapped on it and a place on their ‘winners wall’ about which I’ve no clue.

To put it right, this t-shirt will basically act as a reminder of your first dropshipping victory in a manner. Looking at it will keep you motivated to grow further. So, wear it or hang it on your wall as a medal of honor; it’s your choice.

Ecomhunt Blog

At first, I thought that their blog might also be as old and dead as their tutorials page is. Luckily, that’s not the case here, as they post beneficial blog articles frequently.

So, feel free to check it out after signing up for your account with Ecomhunt.

Ecomhunt Facebook Group

At present, it has become a common practice for especially digital product sellers to create a Facebook group for their customers to hang in. So, there’s no surprise that Ecomhunt also has a Facebook group for you to join.

Sometimes, discussing the problems and strategies with other users of the same product or platform helps a lot. The best example, to my knowledge, is the Clickfunnels Facebook group.

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Ecomhunt Alternatives

When talking about Ecomhunt alternatives, most people are searching for 5 major comparisons, and here is my quick verdict on them:

1. Ecomhunt vs Pexda

Pexda’s chrome extension is a little better than Ecomhunt’s AdHunter extension, and they also provide 6 new products every day. But besides that, Ecomhunt delivers much more value for your money. Moreover, Pexda [review here] is slightly more expensive than Ecomhunt.

If you want the ultimate product suggestions from Pexda, you’ll have to pay a premium price. But in Ecomhunt, you get everything at a straightforward price without any tier gimmicks. So, I don’t see any reason to choose Pexda over Ecomhunt.

2. Ecomhunt vs Dropship Spy

In the beginning, the Dropship Spy also started from where Ecomhunt is still, by giving a few new promising products to test every day. But now, Dropship Spy has evolved a lot and has become a complete product research suite at almost the same price.

So, if you don’t become overwhelmed by too many features, I suggest subscribing to the Dropship Spy tool [review here] instead of Ecomhunt.

3. Ecomhunt vs Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper is also a suite of multiple features for doing good product research. It is better and more expensive than Dropship Spy and hence, is naturally better and more costly than Ecomhunt. However, the annual plan is at the same price as Ecomhunt.

The primary reason you may want to go with Niche Scraper is to get the ability to create fantastic slideshow video ads right on their platform. I’ve shown this in my review here on Niche Scraper.

Related: Ecomhunt V/s Niche Scraper

4. Ecomhunt vs ShopInspect

At this point, Ecomhunt is blown out of the window! Yes, ShopInspect [review here] is much better than Ecomhunt, and the annual pricing is just a few dollars more than Ecomhunt.

The unique feature of ShopInspect is that it shows you the Google trends data for the products and some closely related keywords that are highly searched on Google. You can then use these keywords in your advert copy or in the targeting section of your Google Adwords.

ShopInspect - Horizontal Banner

Ecomhunt Review: Final Thought

Ecomhunt is a perfect minimalist hub to get trending and promising dropshipping products. It helps you get started with your Shopify dropshipping as quickly as possible, especially if all you want is a list of products and nothing more than that.

The unique features of Ecomhunt that I really loved are its Saturation Inspector and Instagram influencer list that it provides for each product.

If you believe these simple features will satisfy your needs, you shall register for your Lifetime free Ecomhunt account by clicking here (and be sure to upgrade it afterward to get full access).

My overall rating for Ecomhunt is a 4-star rating out of 5.

However, if you want more features but still want to stay at a similar monthly price, then look at Dropship Spy [review here].

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