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Intelligynce Review – Is it Actually the Best Powerful Shopify Spy Tool?

  • Intelligynce
4.9/5Overall Score
  • Comprehensive hub of tools
  • Shows bestselling products from Aliexpress, Amazon, and eBay
  • Powerful product search filters
  • Inspection access to more than 500,000 Shopify stores
  • Spy on Facebook ads and Google ads
  • Spy on search engine ranking keywords
  • Intelligynce Google chrome extension for a detailed Shopify store analysis
  • Deep research on AliExpress website
  • Import unlimited products and product reviews to Shopify store
  • Download all the details on each product in a separate folder on pc
  • Option to get lifetime access to Intelligynce at a great price
  • Can't create slideshow video ads
  • Ali Inspector 2 software needs to be downloaded on pc/mac
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I’m sure you may have heard of Intelligynce multiple times by now, so you must be wondering what it is and how using the Intelligynce software bundle can be fruitful for you.


Suppose you’ve spent some time learning or practicing dropshipping business. In that case, you may already know how many digital places you have to go to get all the necessary data for concluding a product as a promising one for your dropshipping store.

You’ve to research ads. You’ve to find the best traffic sources.

You also have to find other websites selling that product and check the prices they’re selling it at.

Although most of this data is provided by some good dropshipping spy tools like Niche Scraper and ShopInspect, I still need to install multiple Google chrome extensions and use numerous websites to get everything I need to get sales.

It’s way too much of a hassle.

This wastes a lot of time and energy, and still, you don’t feel confident enough. Right?

So, what’s the solution? How do I make this process easier? These were the kind of questions I was facing when I suddenly came across Intelligynce.

Disclosure: This Intelligynce review post contains affiliate links in the form of text and images. If you click through them and make a purchase, I’ll earn a commission at no additional cost to you, which will support the blog.


What is Intelligynce?

Intelligynce is not one, but rather a bundle of software and tools that helps dropshippers do deep research, analyze, and extract the best and most promising products to then sell on their own dropshipping stores that are mostly hosted on the Shopify platform.

I still don’t get the idea behind giving its name such a crazy spelling. To be frank, I almost always end up typing it wrong. On their sales page, they’ve rather explained the bonus software Ali Inspector 2 first instead of talking about the Intelligynce itself. It’s as if the Ali inspector tool is more essential for them than Intelligynce itself. In such a case, they should have named the whole software suite as ‘Ali inspector Suite’.

So, it’s a bit questionable whether they even understand marketing. But anyway, we’re more concerned about what the software can do for you and do not really care about the Intelligynce sales page as long as it’s legit. And it IS a legit tool.

So, let’s see what Intelligynce has to offer to us dropshippers.

Intelligynce Discount Coupons

No, there is NO discount coupon and NO discount link available online for the Intelligynce software bundle. Many other Intelligynce review articles will be claiming to provide you with discounts for this software bundle.

In reality, they’re only trying to trick you into clicking their affiliate links so that THEY get commissions for the sales, not someone who helped you by providing helpful insight on the product.

Intelligynce doesn’t even have a box to enter any coupon code on their cart page.

If you ever come across any such shady bloggers, then you can now imagine how non-genuine their reviews would be.


I’m not trying to put anyone down (although they deserve to be put down).

Instead, I’m only making you aware of the reality so that you can make an intelligent decision while clicking any link and not indirectly pay someone who didn’t deserve it in the first place without you even knowing about this.

Intelligynce Overview


Intelligynce has spying access to over 500,000 Shopify stores, which gives Intelligynce more than 2.5 million products to spy on.


Most similar tools I know of only tell you the best products and the product page link of a Shopify store successfully selling that particular product.

But Intelligynce provides you with an incredibly massive amount of data on that Shopify store that you could otherwise get through using the paid version of that Commerce Inspector Google chrome extension, such as:

  • Bestseller product ranking
  • Store’s daily number of visitors
  • Estimated daily sales
  • Facebook pixel detection
  • Number of Facebook page fans
  • Number of Twitter followers
  • Number of Instagram followers
  • Instant links to AliExpress, Google, and Shopify stores


This software has one more feature that shows you the best-selling products from Aliexpress, Amazon, and eBay. And this bestselling products list is updated every week.


On the other hand, the Niche Scraper spy tool [review here] shows you the best sellers from only the Aliexpress website.

And you can even check the prices of a product on all 3 of these platforms as well (as long as the product is listed on these platforms). This gives you a better idea for pricing the products in your own Shopify store.


In the end, whatever products and Shopify stores you love the most, you can save them as bookmarks for easy access next time.

If you see this image below, you’ll notice that Intelligynce has pretty interesting filters available for you to use.


These fantastic filters will give you so much power while searching for the best products to sell on your Shopify dropshipping store.

Now, the next tool in this Intelligynce bundle is called Store Inspector.

Intelligynce Store Inspector

Remember I told you Intelligynce has access to over 500,000 Shopify stores? Well, this Store Inspector tool provides you with a lot of data on each Shopify website.


Besides the usual info about the store’s bestsellers, installed apps, theme, estimated product sales, and social media accounts… the Store Inspector also shows you all the Google ads along with the target keywords and the Facebook ads that the store is actively running.

You even get to see the detailed website traffic analysis on each of those Shopify stores along with their top competitors, which you would otherwise have to check using the SimilarWeb website.

You even get to see the top keywords here for which a particular Shopify store is organically ranking in Google search results, along with the average positions the store’s pages are ranking at.

In a way, this Store Inspector tool is a better alternative to the Commerce Inspector Google chrome extension.

Intelligynce Google Chrome Extension

Until now, if you loved what the Intelligynce Store Inspector can do for you, then you’re about to feel so good as this Intelligynce Google chrome extension provides all those same features.


But how does this benefit YOU?

Suppose you’ve opened any Shopify dropshipping website you may have come across through your Facebook or Instagram newsfeed or other sources. You must want to analyze that whole store without having to open your Intelligynce Store Inspector in a separate new tab every time.


Now, you can use this Google chrome extension on that website to get all the necessary data to succeed smoothly without going through all the rigorous tests that Shopify store owners have gone through.


Until now, I only knew about the Commerce Inspector chrome extension, so I’m mentioning it so much here. And honestly speaking, the Intelligynce chrome extension has overtaken it by a good leap.


The last bonus tool in this Intelligynce bundle is called Ali Inspector 2.

Ali Inspector 2

This newly improved version 2 of Ali Inspector software is used to research bestselling products on the Aliexpress website. And if you love spreadsheets, you’ll enjoy using this tool regularly.


Let’s discuss all the sub-tools inside this Ali Inspector version 2 and understand how this software can help you in your dropshipping business.

Keyword Generator Tool

Starting with this tool would be the most brilliant idea if you are stuck with finding new products. But to use this tool, you still need to have some idea in mind at first. You must have category ideas that you’re interested in or want to go in.

Once you enter your seed keyword (category idea) into the search box and turn on the ‘deep search’, this tool will generate a massive list of keywords that you can use further to research the best seller products under those subcategories.


Take the example of the above image…

There you had the idea of going with the fishing category, so you entered it and initiated the search. This gave you an extensive list of long keyword terms such as fishing rod, fishing bag, carp fishing accessories, etc.

Most of the time, you would’ve never thought of some of the keywords generated by this tool.

I’m sure you now understand this tool’s use and power.

Best Sellers Tool

Ali Inspector’s best sellers tool helps you research the bestsellers under any category or subcategory on the Aliexpress website.


Sure, you could somewhat do this task on Aliexpress itself as well. But from my personal experience, the Aliexpress website has lots of issues. So often, the Aliexpress website loads in the wrong language; it just doesn’t change regardless of what you do.

Although it always opens up fine in your browser’s incognito (private browsing window). But it’s useless because you can’t use the required Google chrome extensions like OberloDropifiedLoox, etc. Then the other issue is that the Aiexpress website returns error pages and zero results pages on almost half of the search queries or when you’re trying to open additional pages in the product search results.


Ali Inspector tool removes all that stressful process and provides all the required data to you in one simple spreadsheet. Of course, you can then use the provided links from that spreadsheet to open those product pages and images to analyze them even further.

SellTheTrend - Horizontal Banner

Product Search Tool

li Inspector also has a product search tool that provides you with 3 powerful ways to quickly research AliExpress for any keyword to find the exact top-selling products to sell on your own eCommerce dropshipping store.

These 3 powerful ways of research are:

  1. Research on the Aliexpress website
  2. Research on Bing search engine
  3. Copying and Pasting the Aliexpress product page links by yourself.

And the generated search results provide you with lots of useful information under 33 different data columns like:

  • If product video is available or not
  • product’s cost price
  • cost price + ePacket price
  • Suggested Retail price
  • Your estimated Profit amount per product unit
  • Estimated number of sales as well as revenue per month of that seller
  • Product rating
  • Keywords and tags
  • and so much more…

Built-In AliExpress Product Link Scraper

This tool is just to scrape all the data for the products from these places:

  • AliExpress search result pages
  • AliExpress category pages
  • ANY page on AliExpress!
  • Google search results
  • Yahoo search results
  • ANY content or text file containing AliExpress product links!

Personally, I neither understand this nor do I feel the need to use this feature. And I don’t think you would need to use this either.

Exact Product Sales Data

This one is not a tool but a feature of Ali Inspector 2 software.

Using this feature, you check the sales data & charts for each of the most recent 14 days for any product on the Aliexpress website.


You can somewhat compare this feature to Aliexpress Dropship Center, but Ali Inspector 2 is better.

Import Unlimited Products and Product Reviews

Both of these features sound good as they make it easier to import products and product reviews to your Shopify store and Woocommerce store.

But you can’t fulfill the orders with this tool. Due to this, Oberlo and Dropified are better for this task.

You could just research and finalize your products using the whole Intelligynce package and then use Oberlo to import the products to your Shopify store so that you can quickly fulfill all the orders without much stress.

Similarly, I believe that Loox Reviews is a better solution for importing product reviews to your Shopify store.

Directly Download Product Details to Your Computer

This Ali Inspector tool also lets you download product descriptions, images, and all other data on the target products.

But I don’t see the use of this feature except for being able to keep all the files for your favorite products in one place on your computer.

Easily Save Your Best Results to Favorites

If you loved any product while researching the Intelligynce software bundle, you don’t have to worry about not finding it again.

You can easily save any products as your favorites, and create and put your liked products in different favorites groups.


This Intelligynce software bundle is beneficial for the newbies to the dropshipping business. If you’re doing manual research and cannot find products or see success, then you also need to use this software bundle now.


If you’ve lost all hope in the dropshipping business, I don’t want to take the burden or blame just in case you still don’t see success, probably due to self-doubts. So, you should not buy this software bundle.

Also, you shouldn’t buy this software if you don’t have any money. I’m always against taking any debts or loans, even from friends and family, because you never know when something will fail, and you’ll be stressed by paying off that new debt too.

Intelligynce Pricing, Trial, and Payment Methods

Is Intelligynce Free?

Intelligynce is not free and doesn’t have a trial plan either. Instead, Intelligynce has only one feature tier, and you can select any of the 3 payment plans to unlock your full access to this software suite.

Intelligynce Pricing

Intelligynce software suite usually costs $49/month, $99/year, and $197 for its lifetime plan. But right now, they’re offering you around a 79.7% discount on both the monthly and the annual subscription and a 50.25% discount on the lifetime payment, for which you’d only have to pay once.

Intelligynce being so awesome, has such a simple pricing structure.

I must also tell you that this software bundle has no trial plan. However, it doesn’t matter much because the price is already too low.

Here, you get access to all the software tools and features in all 3 of their pricing plans.

As you can notice, the best payment plan to choose is the middle one because you’ll pay only once, and you’ll get lifetime access to the whole Intelligynce software bundle along with lifetime software updates and customer support.

Intelligynce Pricing Chart

How Does Intelligynce Accept Payments?

You can pay for your Intelligynce license through PayPal and Credit cards.

Once you finish your payment, you’ll receive emails (to the email address you used while purchasing your license) from the Intelligynce team containing:

  1. Your payment receipt
  2. Your login details
  3. Ali Inspector 2 installation link
  4. A few video tutorials give you the software overviews and guide you on using this software set.

Intelligynce Refunds Policy

There are no refunds for any of the Intelligynce packages. Usually, it’s considered bad because you don’t know the seller and the product’s history either. But Intelligynce has been in the market for quite a long time. Due to this, you can trust that you won’t face cheating in any way or form by getting this software bundle.

But why do some of these sellers don’t provide you with refunds?

Software like Intelligynce doesn’t offer refunds to avoid bad people or frauds who buy the product/software, use it to solve their needs, and then ask for a refund. And if it’s a downloadable product, they get lifetime access even after getting a full refund.

But you should know that taking refunds for a downloadable product and still using it is also not good. Of course, it is illegal, but you don’t get customer support or software updates either. And you never know when this will become a significant problem for you.


The Intelligynce team may consider helping you with refunds in some circumstances of their own choice.

They also won’t give you any refund in situations out of their control, such as your local area or whole country going under the No Internet zone or your parents taking away your computer… LOL

Intelligynce vs ShopInspect

ShopInspect is a fantastic software for doing your dropshipping product research. You can do almost all of your Shopify store spy and dropshipping product research through it. But all of this is just one part of all the features and tools within the Intelligynce suite.

ShopInspect - Horizontal Banner

Intelligynce Review – Final Verdict

If you want to succeed in dropshipping business, but don’t have much time and energy to spend researching for most promising products and ads to test on your Shopify dropshipping store, then you do need to get a tool that would let you speed up this whole process at dramatic rates, but without losing the efficiency.

I know many such tools: Niche Scraper, Dropship Spy, ShopInspect, Commerce Inspector, SimilarWeb, etc. But Intelligynce is a fantastic bundle of all of these above tools combined.

You get all the required tools and features in one place and at a very low price point. This saves you lots of time, energy, and money that you can instead invest in other parts of your dropshipping business to grow further and better.


Moreover, lifetime access to the whole bundle for a one-time payment is much better than paying for the other 10 different tools monthly. To tell the truth, I was an idiot all that time when I deliberately ignored Intelligynce out of pure skepticism and an ignorant attitude.

You don’t be me. Make a wise decision.

Get your license for the Intelligynce software bundle here and start making positive changes in your life today. And if you haven’t created your Shopify store yet, then you can use my affiliate link here to start building your store now.

I hope my Intelligynce review helped you make a sound decision for the better you.

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