SellTheTrend Review [2021]: 4 Benefits & 2 Drawbacks

SellTheTrend Overview

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SellTheTrend is an interesting dropshipping product research tool as it offers you a few actually amazing features that many dropshippers would love to have in their arsenal.

But then it also has some drawbacks and features that would be better served by its competitors. Overall, you’ll get the value for your money. But do also check Intelligynce [ its review ] to make a much more informed buying decision.


  • Amazing product analysis data
  • Multiple lists of relevant Facebook ads targeting suggestions
  • Better slideshow ads than Niche Scraper
  • Filter the products by USA/UK Warehouse
  • Great order management & Fulfillment experience
  • Highly responsive customer support
  • Beginner-friendly tutorials & courses


  • Store research is average
  • Pricing can be expensive if not claimed during the launch discount

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If you’ve spent at least a few days exploring the Shopify dropshipping business, then you must be aware of the Shopify product research tools or product spy tools.

A few months back, one of my readers, Kevin asked me if SellTheTrend is any good and worth buying?


At a first glance, this software looked amazing and The best!

But then on digging further with their trial plan, I realized that it’s not all flowers and stars. Although it was amazing in some areas, it was just fine in some other zones.

I’m sure you also have the same question in your mind on whether to get it or not for your dropshipping business?

Then give this article a few easy minutes and you’ll figure it out by the end because one short answer can’t be enough and can’t suit everyone’s situation.

What Is SellTheTrend?

SellTheTrend is a Saas (software as a service) platform to aid dropshippers in doing effective product research for their Shopify stores.

They show you thousands of hot and trending products that you can filter by USA/UK warehouses and can also easily manage your Shopify orders from its dashboard.

SellTheTrend Dashboard

There’s much more that goes into this and I’ll keep it as simple and beginner-friendly as possible.

So, Let’s Start!

SellTheTrend Pricing Model

SellTheTrend offers you a 7-day free trial after which its membership usually costs $99.97/month, but they are currently offering a launch discount of 60% on the monthly subscription and 67% off on their annual subscription plan.

This also means that paying for the annual subscription will only save you $7 per month. So basically, if you can’t afford to pay the annual fee at once, then you can get their monthly membership without feeling like wasting lots of money in the thin air, LoL.

Accepted Mode of Payments

For getting their membership, you can choose to pay either through PayPal or through your credit/debit cards by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Although PayPal is the safest option to pay, you can use your credit/debit cards too in case they’re offering you any cashback or rewards on such transactions.

Refund Policy 

The staff at SellTheTrend only offers a refund on their annual subscription, but no refunds for their monthly subscription.

This means if you had subscribed to their monthly membership, then you can’t do anything about it besides using SellTheTrend for your current billed month.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to your free trial.

Regardless of what subscription you’ve chosen during the signup, you won’t be charged any money as long as you cancel your membership within the 7-day trial period.

Discount Code

SellTheTrend doesn’t offer you an exclusive discount code. The only discount they do offer is that 60% to 67% launch discount Which they’ve already applied to their pricing. As it’s a launch discount, you shouldn’t expect it to stay the same forever.

So, if you want to save some money, then save now before it’s too late for you.

Sell The Trend

Membership Cancellation

You can cancel your membership whenever you want and you can still access all the features until your billing date comes.

However, you should know that cancelling their membership will result in all of your data deleted, but only on the SellTheTrend account. The data and products on your Shopify store won’t be affected or deleted by this.

 SellTheTrend - Membership Cancellation

This also means when and if you decide rejoin SellTheTrend membership, then you’ll need to pay the full amount instead of this launch discount amount. And at that point, I wouldn’t suggest buying back SellTheTrend subscription.

How SellTheTrend Works?

Sell the trend primarily works by Scraping lots of trending and promising products from other Shopify stores and let you deep analyze them.

Besides this, you can also look at The products that are trending on Aliexpress, Amazon as well as CJDropshipping.

At SellTheTred, things aren’t as simple as they may look. Let’s see what I mean.

Product Research & Store Research

I feel that the product research part of SellTheTrend is much better and more useful than its store research abilities. Based on the limited data you get during store research, I’d say that a beginner may only stick with The Nexus section of this dropshipping product research suite.

Now, if you’re at least an intermediate in dropshipping, then the Explorers section is all yours.

The NEXUS vs Explorers

The Nexus

For the products shown in The Nexus section, you get to see a deep analysis along with all the possibly required details about a product like a name, description, profit margin, supplier, etc. This really helps an inexperienced beginner dropshipper move ahead without much difficulty.

SellTheTrend Nexus Product Analysis

The Nexus tool also shows you the countries in which the other Shopify stores are established as well as the top countries of that product’s buyers.

This helps you to understand to which country should you target and direct your ads and how much competition will you face over there.


But for the products in the Explorers section show you very limited data for each of the products. This data could be enough to judge a product’s feasibility for your dropshipping store. But you’re still left with a great deal of manual research to actually make this product’s testing work.

SellTheTrend Explorers - Products Analysis

However, for the Shopify stores tools inside both of the sections work the same. This means they only show you the best selling products in a store along with the limited data like SellTheTrend does for the products in the Explorers section.

SellTheTrend Features

Besides the product research and store spying abilities, SellTheTrend software also offers you some other useful features. Let’s how you can take advantage of these features for uplifting your dropshipping business.

1. Store Intelligence

Put any Shopify store’s link into the Store Intelligence and it’ll show you this data about that store:

  1. List of best products
  2. Monthly traffic
  3. Average product price
  4. Monthly orders
  5. Monthly revenue
  6. Amount of money spent on Shopify apps
  7. Type of tracking used
  8. If the store has any social media account
SellTheTrend - Store Intelligence

All of this data only tells you if a Shopify store’s products are worth testing or not on your online store. But besides that, you don’t get much insight or useful data to actually run your product testing unless you do some additional manual research.

2. Filter By Product Videos

If you want to use the product videos provided by the Aliexpress sellers, then you can come over to this Product Videos area under the Quick Links and take a good look at these products.

SellTheTrend - Product Videos Filter

Once you find a product that looks unique and problem solving item; and the sales trend chart is also going up, then you should consider testing that product on your Shopify store.

3. Audience Builder

Most of the products in The Nexus section show you multiple lists of interests for Facebook ads targeting like ‘brans, magazines, public figures’, etc.

But some don’t show you this and I don’t know why.

In such a case, you can to the Audience Builder under the Tools section and do quick manual research for the best targeting options for your Facebook ads.

Needless to say that this also works for Instagram ads as Instagram is owned by Facebook and the ads can be run from the same dashboard.

It’s interesting to note that they haven’t integrated the Snapchat ads into it as well. I wonder why?

4. Video Creator

To stand out from the competition and to look unique to your potential customers, you do need o to have your own unique ad creatives. This also saves you from potential copyright infringements and lawsuits.

SellTheTrend - Video Creator Tool

Before SellTheTrend, I had only seen this feature in the Niche Scraper tool. But SellTheTrend excels here by letting you import product images directly from any Shopify store page or any Aliexpress page. All you need to do is paste that source page’s URL in the given box.

But sometimes, product images having Chinese texts or a brand’s name over them… or there could be something else wrong with the images.

In such a case, you’d want to upload your own edited images, and SellTheTrend lets you do that as well.

This tool also has a larger number of audio tracks and you can also choose for how many seconds each image shall stay in your slideshow ad.

Oh, I forgot to mention that you can also choose whether you want a white background or a black background. This would be helpful If you’re creating a meme-style ad that tends to be more engaging and beneficial in some cases.


5. Engagement Calculator

Straight ahead, I didn’t like its Engagement feature because it only lets you check the engagement rate for a particular post and not the whole account at once. For this, Phlanx works much better, but it may be a paid tool right now.

And even then, you still need to also go through the actual likes, comments, and followers to confirm whether this whole engagement is even real or bought.

If I were you, I’d just ignore this Engagement Calculator tool and move on with other actually useful features.

6. SellTheTrend Chrome Extension

Although SellTheTrend is primarily a dropshipping product research tool, their Chrome extension only works as a button to import products from Aliexpress to your SellTheTrend import list similar to how it’s in Oberlo.

SellTheTrend - Chrome Extension Active on Aliexpress Website

This is a beneficial feature still and I’ll explain to you how in the next feature below. But I feel that they could’ve done something more with their Chrome extension like giving the ability to hunt Facebook ads similar to how the Ecomhunt’s ADHUNTER Chrome Extension does.

7. Aliexpress Product Importer & Manager

If you aren’t aware of Oberlo, then it helps in importing, managing, and fulfilling your Shopify products and orders from Aliexpress. But adding an extra app will only slow down your page loading speed and Oberlo has its limitations. That’s why I always recommend going with a tool like Dropified.

But SellTheTrend resolves this problem by providing this feature inbuilt in their software suite. And their order processing feature works better than Oberlo.

Considering this information, the SellTheTrend Chrome extension still turns out to be useful for you.

8. SellTheTrend Feature Updates

One thing that I really liked about this software is its regular update frequency. Just look at the update dates in this image below:

SellTheTrend - Frequent Feature Updates

With SellTheTrend, you can continue to stay as their subscribed member considering that you’ll see new useful features coming on a frequent basis along with a quick fixing of any existing bugs.

And then there’s Dropship Spy [ review ] who is still lacking in a few areas that I addressed to their team an year ago.

9. Coaching & Custom Stores

SellTheTrend also offers you 1-on-1 coaching and custom store creation services at a quite high price. And I’ve something important to say about both of these services.


Look, such 1-on-1 coaching won’t help you much right now. Instead, if you think the tutorial videos on Youtube aren’t helping you enough, then you may just consider getting some paid Shopify dropshipping course

Custom Stores:

After looking at their custom store samples, I think you should not get any custom store from them.

Creating a Shopify dropshipping store is anyways too easy and can be done within a day or two if you’re a total beginner.

So, you should create your store by yourself even if you have to forcefully carve out time from your routine instead of paying someone to get this done.

The only time you should consider paying is when you want some custom developments which aren’t required at this initial stage of your dropshipping business.

Benefits of SellTheTrend

I understand you may still be confused SellTheTrend’s tools and features seem to be all over the place. Although structured, they’re not still not well structured in my opinion.

So, let’s understand the real benefits of using SellTheTrend for your dropshipping business. Shall we?

1. Amazing Product Analysis

For the products shown in The Nexus section, you get so much analysis data that you can never make the mistake of wasting your money on a wrong or unworthy product.

The best part I like about this tool is not just the order trends, but the store-adding trends. This means that you can see to how many Shopify stores a particular product is added and on what date.

So, if you see more Shopify stores adding a product, but its sale trend is still not moving much, then you can conclude that product is a loser.

That’s how you get saved from spending your testing budget on the wrong product.

2. Better Slideshow Ads

With the help of SellTheTrend’s Video Creator tool, you can easily make pretty engaging ads for both the Facebook ads as well as Instagram influencer shoutouts.

If you don’t like it, then your next best option would be paying at least $40 per video ad from the exclusive video ad suppliers.


3. USA Dropshipping

On the Aliexpress website, there’s no way to filter solely by USA warehouses. And since covid hit in 2020, people are getting more desperate to receive their products in a short time. And you just can’t do this from Chinese warehouses without paying a heavy price for something like DHL shipping.

But if you go to the ‘All Products’ area in The Nexus section of SellTheTrend, you’ll be able to filter these most popular products by either USA warehouse or European warehouse, or both.

This also narrows down your research to a relatively limited number of products which can be good or bad depending on whether you are able to find great products in there or not.

Otherwise, you can go to their CJDropshipping section where all the listed products are being sourced from their website. This means that all of these products will be shipped to your customers in a shorter time period.

4. Better Order Management Experience

With the help of its Aliexpress product importer Chrome extension and its inbuilt order fulfillment tool, you don’t need to use a separate app like Oberlo anymore.

Not just this, but its actual order processing speed is also much better than Oberlo. I’m sure you don’t want to stay on your computer the whole day processing 1 order every 60 seconds. This little time can easily add up if you start getting more orders.

Sell The Trend

Drawbacks of SellTheTrend

1. Average Store Research

Yes, its store research tools give you some useful data to work with as an intermediate or as an advanced dropshipper. But it’s just not enough for a beginner who isn’t experienced enough to figure out the product page layout or the Facebook ads on his own.

2. Expensive Membership

SellTheTrend can be deemed beneficial for your dropshipping business, but its subscription is too expensive for someone who is just starting and may not have a big budget.

Maybe you’re already barely holding the ends together or maybe you’re just a student or you may have recently lost your job.

In such situations, it’s understandable that you may not be able to afford this tool. So, if you really like this tool, then you shall get it now when the huge discount is still available for you.

SellTheTrend Alternatives

No doubt SellTheTrend has its advantages, but it may not be the best for everyone. So, I’m listing a few of the SellTheTrend alternatives here, so that you can make a more informed decision for yourself.

SellTheTrend vs Ecomhunt

Even after adding some new features, Ecomhunt is still merely a dropshippable product curation service and yes, its Chrome extension also lets you do Facebook ad research.

SellTheTrend on the other hand is primarily a dropshipping product research tool that also allows you to import, manage, and fulfill your orders right from its dashboard.

If all you want is a list of winning products and have a lower budget, then Ecomhunt [ read the review ] would be better for you. But if budget is not a problem, then you should get SellTheTrend as it provides you with more data for each of the products.


SellTheTrend vs Oberlo

Oberlo although shows you some winning products in its dashboard, but the number is limited. Besides, Oberlo is an app to help you import, manage, and fulfill your Shopify orders with ease.

However, SellTheTrend does this better and faster. And you don’t have to pay anything extra for it whereas Oberlo will charge you to get some extra features and courses, and it’ll still be slower than SellTheTrend.

WINNER: SellTheTrend

Sell The Trend

SellTheTrend vs Niche Scraper

Both the tools are similar and primarily focus on product research.

Niche Scraper [ here’s review ] has a simple dashboard and provides you with more information about the products in its Store Analysis tool.

But SellTheTrend shows you more information for the products in its Product Research section. SellTheTrend also helps you in managing Shopify orders, has a better video ad maker tool, and is cheaper due to its current launch discount. 

WINNER: SellTheTrend

SellTheTrend vs ShopInspect

Besides the fact that ShopInspect [ review ] is cheaper than SellTheTrend and also lets you spy on the Facebook ads and the Instagram ads other Shopify stores.

The other major difference between the two is that SellTheTrend serves the best to the dropshippers who are only running Facebook ads and Instagram ads for their online stores.

On the other hand, ShopInspect best serves the dropshippers who alongside the Facebook ads and Instagram ads, also want to run Google ads to promote their Shopify stores.

But ShopInspect doesn’t offer you order fulfillment features.

WINNER: ShopInspect

If you can compromise on the order fulfillment side and use Oberlo to fill that gap, then using ShopInspect would give you a better value for your money and will also save you some money on the side.

ShopInspect 728x90

SellTheTrend vs Intelligynce

SellTheTrend is a good tool for your product research and order fulfillment.

But Intelligynce offers you a much deeper analysis of the dropshipping products as well as the other Shopify stores. It [ read its review ] also shows you their active Facebook ads and Google ads along with their top ranking keywords that you could use to improve your Shopify store’s SEO.

Intelligynce doesn’t just stop there. It also lets you import products and reviews into your Shopify store.

Even after all of this value, Intelligynce still offers you a highly affordable lifetime plan alongside its usual monthly subscription plans.

WINNER: Intelligynce

Just in case you’re wondering, Intelligynce is also better than ShopInspect regardless of your dropshipping experience level.

SellTheTrend Customer Support & Help

SellTheTrend team is pretty quick to respond to your queries.

If you have any doubt or need any help, then you can contact them by filling an easy form on their contact page.

Otherwise, you can also send them a message on one of their social media accounts that are listed and linked inside your dashboard.

But I’d suggest you first check their FAQ page where they may have already answered more than 40 commonly asked questions and you just might have the answer to your query over there.

SellTheTrend Tutorials & Courses

SellTheTrend team has provided really good and in-depth tutorials for their tools. Whatever the link you click on their dashboard, you’ll see a video tutorial explaining how to use that feature.

Interesting point is that they’ve explained everything in a really beginner-friendly tone without using any unnecessary jargon.

SellTheTrend - Video Tutorials


Their Facebook ads course and the dropshipping course are good and worth checking out. Fortunately, both of these courses are available free of cost within your SellTheTrend dashboard.

SellTheTrend - Dropshipping Course

Besides this, you may also find some useful videos, or I must say, you can find all of their tutorials organized in one place by going to their Youtube channel.

SellTheTrend Review – Final Verdict

SellTheTrend is a great tool to help you find the most trending products to sell on your Shopify store. With its help, you can easily find out which products are in high demand and how many Shopify stores are actively selling or trying to sell at present.

It’s the best dropshipping product research tool to avoid wasting your testing budget on wrong or loser products.

And that my friend, is the biggest desire of every dropshipper, to not waste money on the losers.

But look:

If you’re still not sure, then just give it a try and pay only if you find it useful for your business. Just know that you can only request a refund if you opt for their annual membership plan. So, keep that in mind while deciding to actually pay for this tool.

Sell The Trend

Now, if you want the absolute best of the best, then you should consider Intelligynce [ here’s the review ].

What’s Next?

Hey, I’d love to know if you were able to make a decision now. So, make sure to tell me in the comments below if you’ve decided to get SellTheTrend or if you shifted to get something else? This will greatly help our fellow readers in making their minds about this tool.

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