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Ecomhunt VS Niche Scraper: Lookout For These 10 CRUCIAL Factors Before You Decide To Buy!

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Product research tools are a crucial part of the dropshipping business. If you’re a beginner looking to get a headstart, then you must have heard of Ecomhunt and Niche Scraper and wondered which one would be a better choice for you moving ahead.

Now, both tools are amazing and will guarantee you a great return on your investment. Despite having some similarities and some great features, they’re not equal, and hence, you can’t pick one of them at random.

I’ve used both of them in the past and now, I’ll compare them and let you know which one you should use for leveling up your dropshipping business.

But first, let’s get a general overview of both dropshipping product research tools.


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Ecomhunt Vs Niche Scraper: General Overview

Ecomhunt is a dropshipping product curation service that provides you 2 new products to test every day. Whereas Niche Scraper is a dropshipping product research tool that gives you more options to work with while also providing you curated products every day like Ecomhunt on the side as well.

Due to this, Ecomhunt is cheaper than the Niche Scraper tool. Although pricing is a good decisive factor, it shouldn’t be the primary driving force of your decision making even if that’s the only one you could afford.

Don’t forget that you always have one more option to consider – Not making any choice.

So, let’s first compare both the tools on 10 CRUCIAL factors including the pricing structure… and in the end, concluding to what choice shall you actually make… should you make a choice.


1. Pricing and Payment Structure

Ecomhunt is usually priced at $29 per month, but you can get it for $20 using this coupon here. However, if you do opt for the annual plan, you can literally save 41% on the regular price through this coupon.

Niche Scraper normally costs $69 / month. But you can get it for $49.95 over here. Or you can go annual and pay only $199 / year which means paying for only the first four months every year.

However, you don’t need to jump on a paid plan yet.

Both the tools offer you a lifetime free account with limited features. But Ecomhunt also offers you a 14 day free trial with full access. So, go here to figure out which of the two free options in Ecomhunt would be better for you.

Winner: Ecomhunt or Tie

With two ways to try this tool along with its cheaper pricing on the monthly basis, Ecomhunt looks lighter on your pocket.

Although Ecomhunt accepts the payments only through PayPal, you can still use your debit/credit cards and checkout as a guest. However, if you don’t see this option on the checkout page, then Niche Scraper would be your default winner and you don’t need to read any further.

But, if you decide to pay on an annual basis, then it would be a tie between them as Niche Scraper would then be only $4 cheaper than Ecomhunt.

2. Refund Policy

Ecomhunt comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee whereas Niche Scraper offers only a 7-day money-back guarantee from the subscription starting date.

Although both the tools provide you a no-question asked money-back guarantee. This means that you don’t need to have a solid reason to ask for your refunds.

Winner: Ecomhunt

Although 7 days can be enough, yet not an ideal minimum duration for a newbie to test new software.

With Ecomhunt, you get ample time to go through the tool’s features and even test a few of their provided products. And you may still have some extra days left to think about whether you want to keep going with your paid subscription or you want to get your refund and move on to some other alternative.

3. Data & Quality of Products

Ecomhunt and Niche Scraper both provide you with similar quality products. You’ll even see some products that are listed by both tools.

I really like the Sales trend graph & product’s growth rate, competition score, and the overall Aliscore provided by Niche Scraper.

But Ecomhunt provides you more information about their listed products. And then it also has that Saturation Inspector which is a good feature, but take its score with a grain of salt.

However, the product descriptions provided by Ecomhunt are just okay and too commercial as well.

Winner: Tie

Although Ecomhunt wins here by providing more analytical data, Niche Scraper provides you with much better product descriptions.

Honestly, this can be a decisive factor if you aren’t able to write good product descriptions on your own.


4. Product Research

Ecomhunt doesn’t provide you with any research abilities. With three of its features – Ecomhunt Classic, Ecomhunt Live, and Ecomhunt Lucky; you just get a curated list of promising products to test on your Shopify store.

Ecomhunt Tracker allows you to track the sales data and trends for a product if you copy & paste its link from Aliexpress to here. Soon, they’ll also launch a tracker for Facebook ads and Shopify stores.

Unless someone has already run the tracker for that same product link a few weeks before, you’d need to patiently wait up to a month-long for such kind of tracking to show you some usable data.

This is just not workable for a new dropshipper on a limited budget.

On the other hand, Niche Scraper provides you a curated list as well as the ability to research more products on Aliexpress and you can even spy on other Shopify stores too through the help of this tool.

Winner: Niche Scraper

Realistically, you can’t test multiple new products every day especially as a new dropshipper, and that too on a budget.

But it’s always better to have the ability to find some hidden gems instead of testing what everyone else is testing.

5. User Interface

Both the tools have really easy to work through the user interface.

The only difference lies in the fact that you can see all the available tools & features on the sidebar of Niche Scraper whereas, in Ecomhunt, you’ve to click on the top menu bar to see all the available options.

Niche Scraper also lets you navigate through its tool seamlessly. But in Ecomhunt, the 3 new tools – Ecomhunt Live, Ecomhunt Lucky, and Ecomhunt Tracker; open up in a new window as they’re hosted on separate subdomains of Ecomhunt and they don’t have any menu bar.

This forces you to keep your Ecomhunt dashboard open in one separate browser tab all the time.

Winner: Niche Scraper

Look, I understand that hosting separate tools on separate subdomains may be a necessity for them to maintain the tool’s speed and performance. But I don’t see any reason to not add a simple menu bar at the top of all the pages.

Besides you’d agree with me that not everyone is smart enough to go through the menu bars to figure out the existence of these extra tools.

So, a permanently visible sidebar of Niche Scraper looks much more user-friendly to me.

ShopInspect 728x90

6. Extensions & Integration Capabilities

Between Ecomhunt and Niche Scraper, only Ecomhunt provides you a Google Chrome extension – ADHUNTER, making it win over Niche Scraper in this area.

FYI: AdHUNTER lets you filter through the Facebook ads to find some trending products as well as some hidden less marketed gems.

Ecomhunt also lets you import products into your Shopify store via the Oberlo app making your whole process till the order fulfillment, much more seamless.

With Niche Scraper’s own integrated button you can only import the products, but not fulfill the orders.

But they do offer you an option to use Topdser which almost works like Oberlo, but it really shines when you need to place bulk orders in under a minute, and that too in a free Topdser account. So, you must give Topdser a try even if you don’t wanna use Niche Scraper.

Winner: Tie

Ecomhunt provides you the Google chrome extension and Niche Scraper provides you a better integration for product import and management.

Both the features have their perks.

Personally, I’d choose to go with Niche Scraper as I can easily pick any other free Google Chrome extension that’s somewhat similar to Ecomhunt’s ADHUNTER.

8. Advertisement Arsenal

Ecomhunt provides you with 2 ad copies, one ad video (may not be copyright free), one ad targeting data for the Facebook ads.

The more interesting feature of Ecomhunt is providing you a list of the most relevant Instagram influencers to generate sales for your Shopify store.

However, getting a shoutout on those pages may not be as affordable as you may think but still, it’s worth it to contact them and confirm the shoutout prices.


Niche Scraper also provides you with all of this Facebook ad data. Sometimes, it may provide one more ad copy or one more product supplier as well. But it doesn’t provide you any Instagram influencer list.

One exclusive feature of Niche Scraper is letting you create a slideshow video ad using at most 10 images along with a capability to add a little text and copyright-free audio to your slideshow.

This will make your ad unique and hence, copyright-free. But you still get in trouble for using copyrighted images in your slideshow. So, always try to get your own images or at least ensure that the images you’re using are not copyrighted.

Winner: Tie

Considering all the Facebook ad data similar, the major difference is the Instagram influencer list from Ecomhunt and the video maker of Niche Scraper.

Both of those features hold equal value and hence, it’s up to you to decide which feature you absolutely need and which one can you manually workaround.

9. Customer Support

The primary and maybe the only way to contact the Niche Scraper support by filling the form on their contact page. However, their support is pretty good and fast which I believe is more important than the number of ways to contact.

Ecomhunt allows you to get help in 2 ways – Live chat and their Help Center. Although their Help center contains only 21 articles.

Fortunately, Ecomhunt also has a blog, a Youtube channel, a Facebook group, and an Instagram account where you could get more help and content if you feel the need to.

Winner: Ecomhunt

It’s true that better customer support is more important. But if the two companies have a similar quality of customer support, then you do look at the other ways to get more value and help from those companies.

Undoubtedly, Ecomhunt is just doing that part better.

10. Tutorials

Niche Scraper has a few video tutorials covering all of their features and a few videos covering all the basic aspects of dropshipping with Shopify.

Besides this, they have a Shopify store checklist and 2 short blog posts.

Now, Ecomhunt also has some tutorial videos on their websites that look outdated. However, you can find their latest tutorials and valuable content in their blog as well as in their Youtube channel.

This far exceeds the much-limited content provided by Niche Scraper.

Winner: Ecomhunt

As long as a company is providing enough tutorials to cover their own features and sub-tools, I’m perfectly happy with it.

But as a newbie in dropshipping, you may be interested in consuming as much content as you possibly can.

So, Ecomhunt will surely meet that need of yours… no pun intended.

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Ecomhunt Vs Niche Scraper: Conclusion

First of all, both dropship research tools give you similar or sometimes the same products in their curation section. The major differences lie in their ability to do product research.

Ecomhunt provides you:

  • list of most relevant Instagram influencers which would be great if you want to use Instagram shoutouts as your marketing strategy. Most beginners should actually do this.
  • Google Chrome extension to find trending Facebook ads as well as products that haven’t caught the eye of most of the competition yet.
  • More analytical data on the products.
  • Multiple ways to try the tool as well as a cheaper price on a monthly basis.

Niche Scraper provides you:

  • better product descriptions.
  • ability to do extensive research on both Aliexpress as well as Shopify stores to find multiple hidden gems.
  • More value for your money on choosing the annual subscription.

Considering all of this, I’d pick the Niche Scraper and pay for its annual subscription.

But one tool doesn’t fit all. So, if you’re on a tight budget and believe that the simplicity of Ecomhunt could possibly meet your needs, then choose Ecomhunt.

However, if budget is not an issue and you would like the idea of doing extensive research to find your own winning dropshipping products, then I recommend picking Niche Scraper and paying off its annual subscription to save 76% over here.


I wanna know which one do you need and why? Let me know by leaving a reply below because I’m really curious which one do you plan on picking up!

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