This is a list of products I use, love and highly recommend for the success of your dropshipping business regardless of your experience level in this business. And you don’t need to rob banks for this.

But if you don’t have enough startup capital in the start, then you may not be able to afford everything in this list. So, you’ll just have to prioritize the things here. And it’s fine. So, no need to freak out.

Anyways, let’s take a look at this list now.

Dropshipping Platforms

A dropshipping platform is the base of your eCom business. This is where you’ll sell your products to your customers. That being said, every platform may or may not serve your eCommerce needs, and hence, you need to choose your platform with due diligence.

Keep in mind that are many eCom platforms, but I’m only suggesting the ones that I deem best fit for you considering everything from profit margins to quality to ease of use to the customer support.

#1. Shopify

Shopify is the no. 1 eCommerce platform for running a dropshipping business. It lets you easily create and manage your whole store like a piece of cake.

You don’t even need to know any kind of coding for this. Although it’s a little expensive than WordPress, you won’t regret your decision. Take a look >>

#2. Teespring

Teespring is a great solution for hosting your print on demand products. The product’s cost to you as a seller is cheaper and they provide really good quality as well.

The design of their product pages although not that great, but still, gives high conversions as long as you have good designs for your products.

If you don’t want to take too much pressure on designing a dedicated Print on Demand store on Shopify, then you should go with Teespring. Take a Look >>

Shopify Themes

I’ve personally gone through many Shopify themes. I used them in my stores as well as saw them on both the successful stores and the failure stores. I’ve also read through the reviews given by many other users of those themes. And based on all that research, these are my favorites.

#1. eCom Turbo

Designed by the seven-figure dropshipper Franklin Hatchett, eCom Turbo is probably the most preferred theme by my readers. It is highly affordable and reasonably fast with a lot of customizability being provided to you.

With this theme, you also get a Free eCom course. And you can also buy an “Unlimited Stores” license for this theme only. Take a look >>

#2. Booster

Booster theme is one of the highest converting Shopify themes. It gives your store a premium look and all the sale boosting features that you generally see in other Shopify stores. Take a Look >>

#3. Turbo

Turbo theme lets you create awesome and professional product pages. And it’s a great theme even for the 1-Product stores. This theme is made for speed, so you won’t lose sales due to slow loading pages at least.

Even the famous & successful dropshipping stores like Dudegadgets also use this theme on their store. Take a Look >>

#4. Creative Market Themes

The Shopify themes from this marketplace will steal your heart. These themes look so amazing and professional that your customers will never assume your store as a scam.

This marketplace has a total of 178 responsive Shopify themes at this moment. If you don’t want to go through all of them, then you can check the top 7 themes that I’ve shortlisted here (from theme #4 to #10).

Shopify Apps

In general, the selection of apps and plugins are a subject and matter of personal choice. And some premium themes even have many app features already built-in, so you don’t need separate apps for those features. However, based on personal experience, these are the ones I love to use if and when I need to use them.

#1. Dropified

The primary purpose of Dropified is to help you place bulk orders at once with a few clicks instead of having to manually place separate orders details of each customer on Aliexpress.

Although Oberlo also does that, it is nowhere near to what Dropfied provides you. Yes, it’s not free, but it’s better to pay a little instead of losing a lot. Take a look >>

#2. Loox Reviews

In dropshipping, you can’t get your potential customers to trust you unless you got some real reviews. Loox Reviews app is the best non-complicated Shopify app to import product reviews from the product pages on Aliexpress and Amazon.

The layout is awesome and you can do much more than just importing the reviews. Take a Look >>

#3. HeatMap Tracker v2.0

Heatmap trackers like this help you track the user actions of your website. This helps you figure out the current problems on your website and sales funnel so that you can quickly fix them or improve them and prevent yourself from losing sales.

With this particular HeatMap Tracker, you can track a lot of data for your Shopify store. This will clearly help you succeed over others who don’t even know about such trackers. And this particular tracker also lets you do unlimited tracking sessions. Take a Look >>

#4. Smartlook

Smartlook also helps you track website visitors, but it has way less to offer. The upside of using Smartlook is that it also has a free plan to get you started.

The other benefit is that you can also track people who engage with your apps (if you have any). However, you’ll have to buy a separate subscription for this service from Smartlook. Take a look >>

Shopify Spy & Research Tools

Spy tools or you may call them ‘research tools’ are a basic necessity for the success of dropshipping stores. These tools make the process of whole product research, ad research, etc as easy as it can get. Just click a few buttons inside these tools and you’re all set with everything you need for your success.

#1. Niche Scraper

More than 200 of my readers are currently using Niche Scraper. This tool helps you to research the winning products on both Aliexpress and other Shopify stores.

Moreover, it also lets you create good slideshow-type ad videos. This insanely helps you in standing out from all the other dropshippers who are all using the same pre-provided ad videos. Take a look >>

#2. Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy, although similar to Niche Scraper, provides way more bells & whistles to you and is still relatively more affordable in your pocket.

There’s one issue though that they have indexed only a small number of Shopify stores in their system which I would love to see increased. Take a Look >>

#3. Intelligynce

If you can afford it, then it’s the best dropshipping product research suite in my opinion. Here, you can easily scrape the selling products from Aliexpress based on multiple filters in comparison to the default bestsellers list from Niche Scraper. Take a look >>

Email Marketing Tools

If you have an email list or if you can grow an email list, then email marketing is the best and most cost-effective marketing form. Almost most of the email marketing providers have the same or similar features with similar prices. But I loved these the most and you’ll know why?

#1. GetResponse

GetResponse is the best email marketing solution for dropshippers or any eCommerce store owners for that matter. They even support affiliate links which is cool.

This year, they have added pretty cool new features to their software and that too at no extra cost to you.

You can create Facebook ads, exit popups, landing pages, sales funnels, webinar funnels, autoresponders and so much more with this tool. And no other email marketing software in the market provides you these many features let alone at this amazing price range. Take a look >>

#2. ConvertKit

ConvertKit has a versatile set of features. Although it’s not as bulked up with features as GetResponse is, yet you won’t feel disappointed with ConvertKit. It is the best GetResponse alternative out there.

Another great thing about this email marketing solution is that everything is unlimited In all of their subscription levels.

Here, you are paying only on the basis of how big your subscriber list is. To be honest, it’s not that bad of a deal. Take a Look >>

#3. Contact Flow

On the one hand. where other email providers put limits here and there, in Contact Flow, everything is unlimited.

So, you don’t have to keep paying for higher versions to unlock the limits. Instead. they have only 2 payment plans: Monthly and Annual. No unnecessary gimmicks.

The only limiting thing is the SMS which is 250 per month. Take a Look >>

#4. Aweber

Aweber claims to have the highest email delivery rate. Meaning sending emails through this software has the highest chance to not go into your subscriber’s spam folder.

Here, you also get over 700 email templates and more than 6000 stock photos to use in your emails and landing pages for free which is really a great deal.

They also have no problem with affiliate links. This is great as you can make some extra bucks on the side by emailing some useful affiliate products to your existing Shopify store customers. Take a look >>

Print On Demand Tools

In print-on-demand dropshipping business, you create a design, put it on a product, and then the printing company delivers the then ordered product to your customer directly. The 2 major benefits are easy sales and being relieved from the frequent payment processor issues.

#1. Printful

Printful is probably the most famous printing app for Shopify stores. This app has lots of products in different sizes and colors on which you can put your design to then ultimately sell them on your store.

Not just this app gives you lots of products to print on, but it also provides you the best quality prints and best quality products.

And they have a total of 3 fulfillment centers [1 on the west coast of the US, 2nd on the east coast of the US, 3rd in Mexico and 4th in Latvia (Europe)]. This ensures you relatively fast shipping times for your customers. Take a look >>

#2. Placeit

Placeit is the best all in one mockup generator. They will provide you the amazing and high-quality photo and video mockups for almost all the major print on demand products that you wish to sell.

If you really want to sell your print on demand products, then you must get some of their mockups and then use them in your ads and product pages.

This one company will totally distinguish you from all the other similar eCommerce store owners. And people will actually start considering you as a legit brand and not just another random online store.

Just check the website once and change my name if you don’t feel like getting Nirvana. Make sure to check their T-shirt Video Mockups. Take a Look >>

#3. Fiverr

Fiverr is the best place for you to get small services done for your business. These services can be creating a Logo, gettings images and videos for your ads, hiring actors for your ads or even just for the voiceovers on your videos.

And the prices start from as low as $5 USD plus a tiny service fee by Fiverr.

This is just a tiny bit of all the services you can get from Fiverr. Just go there and get some designs done for your print on demand products. Take a Look >>

#4. 99 Designs

99 Designs is another marketplace to get high-quality designs for your print on demand products. You can even get your branding and marketing materials done as long as you can give a clear guideline and idea.

But it’s not for everyone because of the high price of the services of the freelancers over there. However, if you do decide to go and hire them, you won’t regret your decision. Take a look >>

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