Shopify Product Research Guide – Top 7 WORKING Methods For Beginners To Find Money Making Dropshipping Products

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links in the form of text and images. If you click through them and make a purchase, then I’ll earn a commission, at no additional cost to you and this will support the blog.

I am sure you will agree with me that the most important part of dropshipping is the product. You must have heard that product is the star of your dropshipping business.

Hence, one of the biggest reasons most beginner dropshippers fail is because of advertising the wrong product.

Just in case you are curious, dropshipping means the business model in which a customer buys from you and then you place the order for that product at a very cheap price. The dropshipper/manufacturer will then ship the product to your customer and you will keep the profit after cutting the obvious business costs.

Most dropshippers prefer the Shopify eCommmerce platform for this because of the extreme ease of use it provides to the users even if they are absolute beginners in the dropship business. There are millions of videos on youtube on how to find products that will generate you over a hundred thousand dollars next month or so.

But still, most dropshippers are unable to nail it.


The major reason is that everyone talks about different methods and everyone has a different opinion on them as well. The result is that the viewer gets extremely confused obviously.


In this article, I am going to show you 7 proven methods with the help of which you will be able to find profitable dropshipping products within a few minutes.

And if you read till the end, I will also give you 2 important bonuses which you seriously don’t wanna miss especially if you are a beginner in the Shopify dropship business.

Although I would suggest you stick with only 1 or 2 methods that resonate with you the most. Otherwise, you will get extremely overwhelmed and confused.

1. Facebook Search Box

Here, you have 2 ways to do the research:

  1. By the product/category
  2. By call-to-action keyword

Although you can do a simple search as well. But I would suggest adding a as a filter because the engagement is good, but the link clicks are even better!


You can type for example: “get yours here” + ”” in the Facebook search box and go to the videos section. Filter the posts by the current month (or the last month in some situations) because you don’t want to test old or out-of-trend products.



To check which ad posts get how many link clicks, just simply copy the link from that post and paste it in the URL search box along with a “+” sign at their end and then press enter. For example


Now, the above example shows that this post and product got high engagement, but for some reason, it is not getting as many clicks now.

This means it is not a viable product for you to test (unless you have enough disposable money to give it a fair try).

UPDATE: This method doesn’t work anymore because Bitly has removed this feature to spy on other links. So, I would suggest using this Google chrome extension instead, to scrape the ads on your Facebook feed by using some useful filters. You still won’t be able to spy on links, but you’ll get an insight into which products are being actively advertised right now.

Keep reading to find out how you can find more ads and products that are actively being run by the same Facebook page that you found using above mentioned Google chrome extension.

2. Following Instagram Pages

Follow lots and lots of Instagram pages in multiple niches, especially the meme pages. Meme pages because not targeted and hence you will see so many types of products over there which you can then test for sales.


Be sure to “Turn on post notification” on those pages (you can do this only once you follow them). Then just keep checking your Instagram feed to see if any of them has recently posted about a new dropshipping product.

HINT: Private meme pages are the real gold for product research.

Also, remember that it’s not necessary to have the “meme” word in their page names. But you will know it’s a meme page by just looking at its content.

To find meme pages, you can either start with a simple search with a related word like “memes”. Then ignore the first few results. Go a little down, open one of the pages, and check their viability through Social Blade and Phlanx. Then move on to the next page by clicking the “Blue Arrow” on the right side of the “Follow” button. (you won’t see that arrow on every page).


The other way is by doing a hashtag search and then going for the top few pages in “Top Results” as well as in “Most Recent”. After that, just follow the above-said pattern.


Once you find some products, find some similar Instagram pages and negotiate a deal with them for shoutouts as cheap as possible.

Mostly for 1 post of 12-24 hours long, the price is USD $1-3 per 10K followers of the page. Always try to lowball the price instead of accepting their first proposal. And if you can get them on a percent per sale commission basis, then that would be the best!

Prefer using videos or slideshows in the shoutouts for better results.

3. ShopInspect

ShopInspect is the best tool in the market right now to help you do your dropshipping product research with ease. Start your free trial here to see the full potential of this software.

Yes, it’s a paid software, but it’s worth every penny!

For instance, this product research tool has an amazing ‘Smart Score’ feature which shows you which products are the best to test on your Shopify store.


It also has a ‘Seasonability Indicator’ feature that shows you the search trend for the inputted keyword in the last 2 years.

In this tool, you even get a list of some highly similar keyword terms that are being used by the general public to search for the same or similar products on the internet. You can then use these extra keywords to dig further deeper into your product research and find the ultimate promising product which may not be even tested by anyone else yet.

Just imagine the size of profits you could reap due to that big advantage over others.

Click here to read my review on ShopInspect.

4. Amazon Marketplace

Now, you know how big is Amazon marketplace. So, if something is selling hot there, then you need to test it asap!

For this method, just search “Amazon movers and shakers” on google to see the respective link.

Amazon movers and shakers is a section where you can see the latest trending items on the Amazon site.

Amazon Movers And Shakers


you can do this with any of the 5 available sections you are seeing in the image above:

  1. Best Sellers
  2. New Releases
  3. Movers & Shakers
  4. Most Wished For
  5. Gift Ideas


You know everyone loves to buy a gift for their loved ones. Mostly gift-giving doesn’t need a special day for it. However, it is at highest during quarter 4 and even till the valentines day.

But this doesn’t mean you should ignore this during the rest of the days. Because birthdays and dates come every day for one person or the other.

This is what you do there:

In each of those 5 sections, there are dozens of categories in which there are even further dozens of subcategories.

Keep going down in them and start checking the trends for each of the products that catch your eye. The products you believe won’t be easily available offline. The products you believe might be available only on Aliexpress.

To check their current trend, go to the Google Trends website.

There I would suggest you look at the trend of the last 10 years (that’s the maximum time limit of the Google Trends website) because this will give you the clearest view of the product trends.


To use the site:

Put your search term in the search box, filter it by united states (unless you are looking to sell it somewhere else, then put that country), 2004 – present, and by ‘shopping’ in the category section.

See in the above image how I did the filters.

If you then see an increasing trend during your current date, then it is a good product to test.

5. Aliexpress Website

First I should clarify the difference between Alibaba and Aliexpress to you.

Alibaba: You can get products at wholesale price and mostly you will have to order in bulk from here. Alibaba is website is used mostly for private labeling. You can use it for dropshipping but only when your product tests are showing positive results because you don’t want to stock which may or may not get sold from next week. (R.I.P. Fidget spinner stockholders).

Aliexpress: This is what you are going to use to source and dropship your products to the customers. From Aliexpress, you can ship even a single product to the customer i.e. you don’t need to order in bulk.


“Home & Improvement” is one of the best niches to go in. But whatever niche you want, just start going in all of them one by one and sort them by orders. Go through the first 5 pages and shortlist some promising products.

Criteria to shortlist these products are:

  1. The number of orders
  2. The number of reviews
  3. Do they have high-quality pictures?
  4. You should be able to think of some targetable audiences.

If the number of orders is way too high as compared to the number of reviews (as you can see for these products in the image above), then it means that the product is being dropshipped heavily. The bigger the gap, the more difficult that product could be to advertise.

However, you can still test them if you want or if you have the budget.

On the contrary:

If the number of orders is near the number of reviews, then it means regular consumers are buying it and the drop shippers either haven’t found it yet or they might not have dominated the product completely. So, you still got the chance!

Pro Tip: You should also look through the “Best Match” and “Newest” categories as you might find some hidden winners over there.

6. Website

This site shows the details of sites through their IP addresses I guess.

Anyways, just search the Shopify’s IP address in it. To do that, fill the 2 pink boxes number by number from the image below after you have opened this website page.

Or you can click here and then save the link as a bookmark in your internet browser for future ease of use.

You will then see a big list of all the Shopify stores in the world.

NOTE: Until you buy their paid pain, you can only see up to 50 pages (need not be in any order) per day. So, to see the 51st page (not page 51), you will have to click it on the 2nd day.


Just go through all these Shopify stores one by one. You will notice so many dropshipping websites there (not every site listed there is a dropshipping site).



After opening each website, use the free Similar Web Google Chrome extension to check if that dropshipping site is getting sufficient traffic to validate that they are a successful store.

If they have recently started gaining momentum, then it is certain that they recently found a winning product that you will be able to easily pinpoint on their website.

If it is a successful store… if it is getting consistent high traffic even if it is a few hundred thousand each month, then use the free Commerce Inspector Chrome extension to check their recently added products.


Those will be the products you can easily compete on because that site probably hasn’t started advertising it.

And even if they did, still it’s not too late for you to test them.

Also, go to their bestsellers page by clicking the “Bestselling” button that you can see on the above image.

Pro Tip: Make sure to also, go through their Facebook page and check if they are running any ads currently. If they are, then you can create similar ads for yourself to increase the chances of actually selling that product.

How To Check The Active Ads On A Facebook Page?

STEP 1: After opening the target Facebook page, click on the ‘See More’ link in front of ‘Page Transparency’ as shown in the below image.


STEP 2: In the opened popup window, click ‘Go to Ad Library’ as shown in the image below.


STEP 3: On the now-opened page, filter the results by your target country See the image below.

Note: If a Facebook page is not showing ads in a country, then the page may come empty. In such a case, just select some other country to see if it is running the Facebook ads over there.


However, this might not happen every time, because many drop shippers use separate niche pages to advertise their products on Facebook.

7. Thieve.Co

Now, it is a really good place to find the latest Aliexpress products that are most loved and upvoted by the consumers themselves.


Install the free Google Chrome Extension here by Thieve.Co and start surfing it.

Just go through the lists daily to find new products and test whichever you find as eye-catching or whichever has high upvotes.

Whenever you see a number in red color on the thieve Chrome extension, it means that some new products have been recently added to their list. So, just click it to see them.

How To Double Sure On The Promising Products?

This is the most crucial part of this whole process!

With this step, you will be able to see if the product is actually trending upwards on Aliexpress in terms of sales.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click here to Login into your Aliexpress account.
  2. Go to My Aliexpress
  3. Go to Dropship Center
  4. Go to Product Analysis
  5. There, paste the URL of your product from Aliexpress and hit the “Search” button.
  6. Now, you will see the trend for that product along with how many sales are happening per day for the last 7 days.

Based on this, you can decide whether you should test this product or not.

Remember: Not every product will work on Facebook ads. Some products perform better on Instagram influencer posts. So you’ll need to analyze and decide a more suitable platform between the 2 for testing that product.

ShopInspect - Horizontal Banner

Final Verdict

If you are serious about dropshipping business and if you really need to make a difference in your lifestyle, then you need to do proper product research.

As I said in the beginning, you may want to prefer only 1-3 methods from this list otherwise you will get so overwhelmed that you might end up quitting the idea of dropshipping altogether.

I know It sounds crazy, but that’s the truth.


If you haven’t even started dropshipping yet and if you want my personal suggestion. Then I would suggest:

Step 1: Click here to download my Hyper Extensive Shopify dropshipping checklist.

Step 2: Start your Free trial For Shopify and set it up properly.

Step 3: Get your ShopInspect Trial Here

Step 4: Claim your Free trial for the Getresponse email autoresponder and integrate it into your Shopify (Mailchimp is no more available for Shopify).

Step 5: Find Instagram pages between 200k-800k with an engagement of over 3-5% on 9 latest posts. Make sure those pages are posted daily. Also, ask how long are they doing promotions on their page? (lesser is better).

If possible, also look at the engagement on the other dropshipping products they did promotions for in the past (sometimes they leave the post forever on the page). This will help you judge those pages.

Step 6: Negotiate and finalize the deal with the influencer. Give them the images/videos and captions and a website link. Ask them to post on both Post & Story along with the link in the bio. (They might not agree, but you request them to offer these as a first-time purchase value from them).

Step 7: Wait For Sales To Happen!

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