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Debutify Shopify Theme Review & Tutorial [2024]

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Debutify is a serious converting Shopify theme launched by a dropshipping-based YouTuber, Ricky Hayes from Europe. A FREEMIUM theme with a Full package of store conversion add-ons, a product research tool, store setup tutorials, and dropshipping tutorials. If you just want to quickly get started with your dropshipping journey without feeling the need to look into 100 different places and if you can easily afford the needed subscription money, then you must try the Debutify theme right now.

  • Perfect for the beginners
  • Fast & Mobile optimized
  • Automatic updates
  • Full access free trials
  • Good refund policy
  • Detailed tutorials
  • Global reach
  • Free version is just fine
  • Master plan’s monthly subscription is quite expensive
  • Mentoring student is selected through a weekly lucky draw
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Discover Why many dropshippers are so Interested in Installing it in Their Shopify Stores!

I was sitting at my computer looking for my next blog post ideas and noticed that a Shopify theme named Debutify has been rapidly growing in search popularity since April 2020. According to Google Trends, this Debutify theme now seems to be as trending as the Shopify Booster theme.

Debutify vs Booster Theme on Google Trends

One of the reasons behind this increasing popularity seems to be that Ricky Hayes (Founder) allows you to download the Debutify theme for absolutely free.

But is it really free, or does the Free Debutify theme come with some limitations that you could remove only by upgrading to a possible paid version? Let’s see if the Free Debutify theme and its possible paid version are worth your time and money.

Disclosure: This Debutify Shopify theme review post contains affiliate links in the form of text and images. If you click through them and make a purchase, I’ll earn a commission at no additional cost to you, which will support this blog.

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Debutify Features

Before further diving into the Debutify theme, we first need to know about all the features that this Shopify theme provides.

For ease of understanding, I’m dividing these add-on features into 3 categories based on where these features will show up in your store.

Storewide Features

  1. Chatbox
  2. Cookie Box
  3. Currency Converter
  4. F.A.Q. page
  5. Mega Menu
  6. Newsletter pop-up
  7. Quick View
  8. Shop protect
  9. Smart search
  10. Integration with Shopify apps
  11. 20+ Translated languages
  12. Wish List
  13. Instagram Feed

Product Page Features

  1. Add-to-cart animations
  2. Collection Add-to-cart
  3. Color Swatches
  4. Delivery Time
  5. Discount Saved
  6. Inventory quantity
  7. Linked options
  8. Live View
  9. Product Tabs
  10. Product Video
  11. Sales Countdown
  12. Sales pop
  13. Skip cart
  14. Sticky add-to-cart
  15. Trust badges
  16. Upsell bundles
  17. Upsell pop-up

Cart Features

  • Cart Countdown
  • Cart Discount
  • Cart Goal

NOTE: They claim to be continuously adding more add-on features every month. Although I don’t think it’s really every month, you should confirm any newly added features over here.

I’m sure you’re reading some of these features for the first time, or you may be curious about how these features look in action in the Debutify theme. If so, then you can learn more about them in this playlist.

Debutify Pricing / Cost

When I first came across the Debutify theme, I was also wondering if this theme is free or if there is any hidden fee. Why would anyone give away any website template for absolutely free just like that?

Being curious, I carefully went through their sales page and found something interesting.

Is Debutify Free for Real?

Ricky Hayes provides us with a free version of the Debutify theme to use on our Shopify store. However, the free version is only as good as any free themes we get on the Shopify theme store.

At this stage, it’s all about your personal design choice for your Shopify store. By the way, if you don’t have a Shopify store yet, then you can get started with the free 14 days trial of Shopify over here.


With the free version of the Debutify theme, you don’t get any of the add-on features that you see on their sales page. You only gain access to their Debutify Facebook group, where you can also ask your support queries.

If you want to add any conversion-based features, you’ll need to either install those apps separately from the Shopify app store or upgrade to one of the paid versions of the Debutify theme.

What Is The Cost Of Debutify Upgrade?

Debutify Shopify theme has 3 paid plans available to you at $19/month (Starter plan), $47/month (Hustler plan), and $97/month (Master plan). However, you get a 50% discount if you subscribe to the annual plan instead of the Debutify monthly plan.

NOTE: These prices were noted at the time of writing this post, but they’re not fixed forever. So, you may check the latest Debutify pricing structure over here.

Starter plan (1 store license)

The Debutify Starter plan allows you to activate any 3 of the available add-ons in your copy of the Debutify theme. Shall this be the case, I’d choose Shop Protect, Sticky add-to-cart, and Upsell Bundles.

I must also mention that you can switch to any 3 add-ons as many times as you want. The restriction is just to keep 3 add-ons active at a time, but no limits on the switchability of these add-ons. I think it’s a nice touch to the Debutify Starter plan.

But then again, you could also easily install free apps similar to these add-on features from the Shopify app store. And just 3 such simple apps won’t make much of a difference to your Shopify store’s page loading speed.

Here, you also get limited data on the product research panel, and I don’t think you’d be able to benefit much from this as a dropshipping beginner. And you’ll get 20 new Bronze level (low opportunity) products every week.

So personally, I don’t see any intelligent reason to get the Debutify Starter plan for your Shopify store.

Hustler plan (1 store license)

This is Debutify’s most popular plan that lets you activate all of the available add-on features in your copy of this theme, including any new add-ons that their team may decide to launch in the future.

In this plan, you get all the product research data except for the product descriptions, which is fine. And you’ll get 25 new Silver (average opportunity) products every week.

NOTE: The team is also launching more app integrations like Oberlo, Klaviyo, Printful, etc., that you’ll be able to use only through the Hustler plan and the Master plan. Take a look at the whole upcoming integrations list over here.

Master plan (3-store license)

Suppose you’re a Shopify dropshipping beginner and have some extra money sitting with you. In that case, you may get Debutify’s master plan in which you’ll get all the add-ons, mentoring (given to 1 weekly winner through a lucky draw of the Master plan customers), a fantastic product research tool, and Ricky’s advanced courses that are:

  •  Shopify Store Setup Training
  • Facebook Ads Mastery
  • Google Ads Mastery
  • Product Research Masterclass
  • Youtube Ads Mastery (temporarily down as they’re updating it)

NOTE: These 5 courses (totaling 40+ video lessons) are collectively called “Exclusive Ecom Lifestyle University”. So, don’t be confused if you don’t see this phrase within the Debutify dashboard.

Also, I’ve watched the videos in the courses mentioned above, which are really good and of high quality.

The Master plan provides you with 30 new Gold-level (Great opportunity) products every week, along with all the possible data on the winning products.

With the Master plan, you also get access to a private Facebook group where you can get expert opinions on the products you’re looking to promote on your Shopify dropshipping store.


Is There any Debutify Free Trial?

The Debutify team lets you try this theme free for the first 14 days for its paid plans, while the free plan is obviously free forever. But this is not the most fun part.

Unlike many other software or service providers, the Debutify team gives you 100% access to this theme’s tools, features, and bonuses within the free trials. However, the free trial features and access are naturally limited to which plan you choose to get the free trial.

This way, you can test drive this theme on your Shopify store in the true sense, and you may even get some sales within this free trial period, which will then pay for this theme by itself.

How does Debutify Accept Payments?

Right now, you can pay for the Debutify subscription only by using Credit cards of either Visa or MasterCard, whichever you have on you right now.

Debutify Refund Policy

Although you already get 14 free days of full theme access (according to your chosen payment plan) to properly go through this theme and make a sound decision.

But in any case, once you’ve made your payment, you’ll get 14 days (including the day of your payment) to ask the Debutify team to refund your money in full. And you shall get your money back within 1-2 weeks.

Debutify Discount Coupon Code

Before your free trial period ends, you can ask the support team to provide you with a discount coupon that will give you 20% off your first month.

NOTE: This discount coupon applies only to the monthly subscription, as they’re already giving away a 50% discount on the Debutify annual subscription.

I know that discount code, and I could mention it here. But you won’t, and you shouldn’t upgrade the subscription unless your free 14 days trial period is expired because paying won’t make any difference in your theme access.

I don’t think you’ll remember this Debutify promo code by the end of your free trial period. So, asking for customer support’s discount code before initiating your payment is better.

How to Cancel Debutify Subscription?

If you ever want to cancel your Debutify subscription, you can easily do that by going to the Plans page in your Debutify dashboard. Look at this video below for a better understanding:

Benefits of Using Debutify Shopify Theme

By now, you got a good idea of this theme, including the features and pricing, including but not limited to. So, you may be wondering what are the real benefits of using the Debutify theme on your store, and what else makes this Shopify theme tick beside the free version? Let’s look into it.

1. Lower Website Bounce Rate

Debutify is a pretty fast theme. The team claims it to be even faster than Amazon. As a result, even people with slower internet can open your Shopify store without getting annoyed. Because you’d be getting more visitors, your sales will increase too.

2. Beginners Bliss

Look, Ricky has provided detailed courses and tutorials on the whole process, including the Shopify store setup and the Debutify add-ons tutorials.

Of course, some of that content will need you to get the higher-paid version of the Debutify theme, yet this really makes it hyper-easy for beginners to get started with their dropshipping journey.

3. Niche Paradise

Debutify has a dynamic design that lets you easily create a beautiful store, whether you want to build a one-product store or a generalized store.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but many Shopify themes are limited to only a few niches. Although those could be modified to any niche requirements, most beginners won’t be able to do this without making their store look like a disaster.

But the Debutify theme doesn’t give you that problem. You can easily modify the design and layout to suit any niche, and your store will still look as branded as it can be.

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4. Much Higher Potential to Sell Globally

As of now, the only way to go global, to your knowledge, would be to sell in other English-speaking countries. Right?

Well, with the Debutify theme, you can easily translate your Shopify store into more than 20 languages, giving you a much bigger audience and customer base to sell your products.

This is actually amazing because sometimes, you find out that some countries literally have no or very little competition for your targeted product. This drastically reduces your ad costs while dramatically increasing your revenue.

However, you must ensure that you’re able to ship your product to those countries through a fast (shouldn’t be longer than a month) and trackable method.

5. Debutify Customer Support

Initially, I thought that their customer support team was dumb. But then I asked the staff many questions to collect data for this Debutify theme review post.

In the end, I can confidently say that the Debutify support staff is good and knowledgeable.

However, I found one issue: some of their support staff people are ignorant and are in a hurry to close your live chat ticket. Immediately after answering your query, they’ll sometimes send you the ‘rate me’ snippet instead of asking if you’ve any more questions.

If you ask them anything after that ‘rate me’ snippet within the same ticket, they may or may not read or respond to it even after reading it. So, you may need to create a new message to get the answer to your query.

Debutify Alternatives

When you look for alternatives for something, you’re most likely looking for better products than the current one.

But it’s a bit different situation here. These Shopify themes below aren’t better or worse; instead, they’re quite comparable to the Debutify theme.

Now, I’m showing you the most relevant differences below, based on which you can make a sound choice of your favorite Shopify theme.

1. Debutify vs Booster Theme

The actually helpful subscription plan of the Debutify theme is much costlier than the Booster theme ( review here ), while most features are almost similar.

Although Debutify has some exclusively cool features, overall, I don’t see any good reason to choose Debutify over the Booster theme unless you’re subscribing to the Master plan of the Debutify theme.

2. Debutify vs Debut

The free version of the Debutify theme is as good as the Debut theme. So, the theme choice lies in whether you need those conversion add-ons of the Debutify theme or not.

3. Debutify vs Shoptimized

The Debutify theme is much lighter and a bit faster than the Shoptimized theme. However, the Shoptimized theme is cheaper than a recurring payment structure because of its one-time fee.

With the Shoptimized theme, you can get a 10-store license, and its pricing is still cheaper than the Debutify Master plan.

Both themes have a mobile-first design and provide you with an equivalent number of conversion add-ons.

Although both themes promise you a high conversion rate, their layout is hugely different from each other. On the one hand, where Shoptimized looks like a big general store like Amazon, the Debutify theme gives off the vibes of a branded niche store.

So, my personal choice would be the Debutify theme over the Shoptimized theme.

4. Debutify vs Brooklyn

Personally, I feel like the Brooklyn theme is a thing of the past. It doesn’t look good enough on a computer or mobile unless you get it custom edited.

If you just want to install a free theme, I’d suggest you install the Debutify theme, as it looks good and has the scope of upgrades without needing to migrate to and edit a new theme from scratch.

5. Debutify vs Turbo

Turbo theme by Out of the Sandbox is a great theme, but its major selling point is the highly branded appearance. Besides this, I never saw any other reason to get that theme.

But the Debutify theme also looks highly branded, although in its unique style and lots of conversion add-ons and tutorials that would yield you much more revenue in the end.

04 05 16 03 34 33 refer

Debutify Theme FAQs

Although the Debutify team has answered a few FAQs on their sales page, some questions were still left unanswered, which I’m answering here now.

Is Debutify Legit and Safe?

Just because a YouTuber sells something doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is legit. But I’ve been following Ricky Hayes since the beginning of his channel. He is as legit as he can be.

So, you can get the Debutify theme without fearing for your credit card and personal information safety.

Are there any Debutify Theme Demo Store Examples?

The Debutify team has provided a link to their sales page’s top menu over here. Going through that link will let you get a good Debutify theme preview.

But you should know that most of the cool features you’ll see on this Debutify theme demo store can only be activated by getting a paid plan after the Hustler plan.

Does Debutify Work on WooCommerce stores with WordPress?

Ricky Hayes has his dropshipping stores only on Shopify, to my knowledge. So, he has created this theme only to be used on Shopify stores.

How Useful are the Debutify Blog, Podcast, and Youtube Channel?

Their youtube channel is just a compilation of all the Debutify theme tutorials.

But their Blog and Podcast consist of lots of valuable information for you to go through. And you can access them from the top menu on their sales page.

Does Debutify have a Forum?

These days, many service providers, instead of creating a forum, just create a Facebook group where we can join and discuss our related topics.

Debutify also has a Facebook group for all members and a separate exclusive Facebook group for Master plan members.

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Debutify Tutorial

As you can get answers to all your how-to queries from the support team, I’m only mentioning the most commonly asked questions here.

How to Install Debutify Theme?

Right now, the only way to install the Debutify theme on your Shopify store is by selecting the subscription plan of your choice from their sales page. Once you click that button, you must follow the simple steps in front of you.

How to Install Debutify Addon Plugins?

After installing the Debutify theme on your Shopify store, you’ll immediately see an option to install and activate the add-on features.

If you want to switch to any add-ons later, just go to the Apps section of your Shopify store and select Debutify. Now, you’ll see the add-ons link on the left panel, where you can access all the available add-ons.

How to Remove ‘Theme by Debutify’ and ‘Powered by Shopify’ in the Debutify Theme?

Open the theme code from the online store, as shown in the image below.

Debutify - Edit Theme Code

Now, go to Sections > footer.liquid and search for “by”.

Once you see both phrases (‘powered by Shopify’ and ‘theme by Debutify’), select and delete those lines and click Save.

Debutify theme - Edit footer.liquid

This slight change will not break your theme, but if you’re afraid, make sure to duplicate the theme before opening its code.

NOTE: I don’t know if you’re legally allowed to do this or not. So, better confirm this from somewhere if you feel like it.

How to Change Announcement in Debutify?

Open the theme customization panel from the Online store. Go to Theme settings> Advanced settings from the bottom of the left panel, and go to Theme settings > Advanced settings. There, you’ll see the option to edit the announcement bar of the Debutify theme.

How to Make Logo Size Bigger in Debutify?

The logo is part of a website theme’s header section. So, you can make any logo-related changes from the Header section of the theme customization panel.


Debutify Theme Review: Final Verdict

Debutify is a magnificent FREEMIUM Shopify theme that is highly optimized for getting you higher conversions with a fantastic website design, lots of conversion add-ons, and many tutorials. That’s why this theme is at the #1 spot on my list of top premium Shopify themes.

However, you do need to spend some money to get the maximum benefit from this one of the top-selling Shopify themes.

Even after reading the brief comparisons with similar-level themes, you can clearly see that the Debutify theme would be a better choice for your Shopify dropshipping store, for which you can get a free 14 days trial from here.


The only major problem here is the price. Even after getting the annual subscription, this theme is still heavy on your pocket. However, as this theme is supposed to give you higher revenue at a faster rate, you should be able to easily pay for this theme within the first week or so of your dropshipping journey.

If you’ve got some money and want to get a good experience with this theme, then you should get the Hustler plan. But if you’ve even more money and have no idea what to do next, then you must get the Master plan so that you also get the detailed tutorials and possible 1-on-1 mentoring.

Besides this, I don’t see much value in getting the Starter plan. If you don’t have enough money, which is fine, then you should install the free version of the Debutify theme.

Now, if you’re confused between the Debutify theme and any other theme I haven’t mentioned here, then ask for my opinion in the comments section below.

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