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Pexda Review – Before You Buy, Read THIS! (Not A Clickbait)

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Pexda Overview

Pexda Logo

Rating: 3 out of 5.

(Pexda’s nearest alternative)

Pexda is a fine dropshipping product curator service and a few of its features are actually better than the competition. But I still feel that you could subscribe to some other tool in the same price range.

I’ve shown you below why Pexda won’t be the best choice for you and what are your alternatives in such a case.

But if you want me to brief you in a single line, then I’d say that you can choose to use Ecomhunt instead.


  • 5+1 new products every day for testing.
  • Affordable pricing for accessing regular promising products.
  • Data for creating 2 Facebook adsets.
  • AliExpress report and Facebook ad report.
  • 2 good videos to use for social media ads.


  • The Pexda Chrome extension doesn’t work.
  • Expensive cost to access the most promising products.
  • Customer support doesn’t care if you’re satisfied or not.
  • No enough data to confirm if a product is good enough or not.
  • Product description is not properly formatted.
  • No Pexda blog or community to learn and discuss info.

Disclosure: This Pexda review post contains affiliate links in the form of text and images. If you click through them and make a purchase, then I’ll earn a commission, at no additional cost to you and this will support the blog.

Product research is a very crucial step in the dropshipping business. Dropshipping is not like a local grocery store where you would just put anything on the shelf and it would sell. On trying to sell your regular products online, you’ve to compete with giants like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc which are just not feasible to compete against.

If you agree to me, then you’d understand that you need to find trending products that would create an immense need to buy in the hearts of your advert viewers. Right?

For an average beginner dropshipper, manual product research could easily become extremely time-consuming, tiring, and overwhelming. That’s why you must use a product research tool or a product curator service provider to ease your process. One such service provider is Pexda.

What Is Pexda?

Pexda Homepage

Pexda is a dropshipping product curator platform that provides you 6 new products every day to test on your dropshipping store. Now, I don’t know how they really find 6 new products for you every day. All I know is that they’ve got a team that does manual research on the internet to find these products.

Honestly, no such service provider would tell you their techniques. But you don’t need to know them anyway as getting products through these services saves you a lot of time at your end.

Pexda Features

Before I move further to show you how to use Pexda, let me explain the Pexda features in a short brief because sometimes, features are just mentioned while hiding some minute, but important details (Look at the 9th feature for an example).

1. New Products: Every day, Pexda will upload 5 products for everyone’s access and 1 more promising product exclusively for the Pexda Ultimate subscription members.

2. Unlimited Products: You can see all the available information on as many products as you want per day. To make it more clear, Ecomhunt’s free version only lets you see data (and that’s also limited) for only 2 products per day while the paid version gives you the unlimited access as well.

3. Facebook Ad Report: Here, you see the Facebook advert analytics (number of likes, reactions, comments, shares, etc) for the one advert that they found running for the said product. Now, I’m assuming that instead of giving you a random advert, they’re rather providing you with the advert with the highest engagement that they found on Facebook. However, it’s not mentioned anywhere on the Pexda website.

4. Targeting Suggestion: Pexda provides you with targeting suggestions of the country, gender, age-range, and interests to target for 2 different ad sets. These targeting suggestions will mostly be non-tested.

This means that these suggestions are created based on their analysis of the product as well as the currently active Facebook ad. So, you can say that you can test these adsets, but of course, there’s no sure guarantee for them to work which is absolutely fine.

5. Ad Copy: Pexda shows you a screenshot of 1 Facebook advert for that product along with a good number of comments under that advert. This gives you a good idea of what’s working for that seller. This also gives you an insight into why people would want to buy the product and what emotions are being generated in the customers on seeing the product. Then you can use this information in your product page as well as in your advert too.


6. Geography & Device: Here’s one problem with this feature. Pexda hasn’t clarified whether they’re telling about the geography and device for the above already running a Facebook ad or if they’re talking about the most promising buyer group. On checking this data on some of their curated products, neither side of my assumptions is making any sense to me. So, I really don’t know what this feature is exactly for.

7. AliExpress Report: Pexda is giving you one link to an AliExpress seller page for that product. The benefit of this Report feature is that you can see the seller’s data on the number of orders, product cost, shipping cost, votes, ratings, and customer feedback rating without having to actually open that AliExpress product page.

This saves you some time and also the AliExpress website sometimes a breakdown in a way that you get redirected to some other country’s version of AliExpress. So, you get saved from that as well by getting the basic info. right in Pexda.

AliExpress Report Provided By Pexda

8. Amazon Report, eBay Report, and Store Selling Report: Now, this is a pure lie. Instead of showing you any report like the AliExpress report, they’re just giving you one link to one seller page for that product on Amazon, eBay, and one eCommerce store (could be on Shopify or could be on some other eCommerce platform too). While giving you that link is good, calling it a ‘report’ is purely misleading and I don’t appreciate it.

Lins In The Name of Reports By Pexda
ShopInspect 728x90

The funny thing to note is that for many of the products, no Shopify store is listed in Pexda. So, my question to Pexda is: If no one is selling that product, then who is running that Facebook ad that you found and why?

One more thing to note here is that you won’t get these links for each of the products because according to them, apparently, no one is selling that product yet. This could be good news as long as their research is done properly which I highly doubt now.

9. Auto Hunt Tool: I tried using it and I tried looking for a tutorial video on this Pexda chrome extension, but I couldn’t find anything. I don’t know what it hunts, but all it does is scroll through my Facebook feed without scraping any data for me to see or use. So, basically on paper, this Pexda chrome extension seems to have better features than of Ecomhunt chrome extension, but neither of them actually works.

One information that’s hidden about this chrome extension on the Pexda website is that you get limited hunts per day. Pexda chrome extension lets you hunt 2 times in Standard subscription, 4 times in Premium subscription, and 8 times in the Ultimate subscription.

Auto Hunt Tool - Pexda Chrome Extension

10. 24/7 Support: I’m not really sure about this for their email support staff (I haven’t personally checked though). When any service provider says that their social media is one of the ways to contact them, then it’s a good chance that they don’t check their other contact locations that often.

On Pexda’s page, they say that it takes them typically a few hours to reply and they did reply to me exactly after 30 minutes. But their Facebook page gives the impression that the Pexda team forgot that they have a Facebook age to operate. I’m saying this because they haven’t posted anything since November 2017 on their page.

UPDATE: I sent them another message after few hours and this time, they replied after 4 hours and 50 minutes and he/she seems to have closed his app again before even asking me if I’ve anything else to ask. So, maybe by saying ’24/7′, they meant that they can reply to you whenever… but not necessarily within a few minutes… LoL.

This means that you can contact them whenever you want and you’ll get a reply at some point. But it’s not a live support, so don’t expect a super quick response time from their support team.

Pexda Tutorial

Once you successfully finish your payment process through PayPal, then you’ll be redirected to this thank you page below that contains all the necessary links for your next steps.

Pexda Thank You Page

Step #1 – Pick Your Dropshipping Product

Click on ‘Let’s Hunt’ here or ‘Products’ in the top menu bar and look through the available products (based on which Pexda subscription plan did you pick).

Although all of these products will be worthy of testing, I would suggest testing a product that solves a real problem instead of testing a random piece of jewelry. Problem solving products always have higher chances of success as people are desperate to solve their problems.

Pexda Product Listing Page

Pexda also lets you filter products through a large number of product categories like Hobbies, Passion Animals, Camping, Fishing, Kitchen, etc. You can also sort these curated products by 9 metrics like Facebook advert engagement, audience size, Product price, etc.

So, if you’re building a Shopify store (click here to start your Shopify trial) around a particular niche, then you should filter the products by your niche. Otherwise, I would suggest picking the latest products to test on your dropshipping store. Even after filtering the products by your particular niche, I would still suggest picking the latest uploaded products under that niche.

For this example, I’ve chosen the Beauty LED light mask (look at the above image) as it solves a problem and is also recently uploaded.

Step #2 – Analyze The Product And Import To Your Dropshipping Store

Based on the data provided by Pexda, I’ve analyzed and concluded following points on Beauty LED light mask:

  • The product has a good profit margin.
  • Amazon page has a good product description to model my own description.
  • AliExpress has good product images that I can use on my Shopify store.
  • There aren’t enough sales on any platform to conclude anything about the product’s quality and performance.
  • Product videos and targeting suggestions are good and meaningful.

After this analysis, I come to a conclusion that this is a good product to test on my Shopify dropshipping store. So, lets learn how to setup your product page right with the information and data provided to us by Pexda.

Step #3 – Setup Your Dropshipping Product Page

The first thing to understand here is that I’m not showing you how to set up a product page on your Shopify store. If you’re running your eCommerce dropshipping store on some other platform, then you may have to manually import the product to your store, but the rest of the setup process will be the same.

Import Product To Shopify:

Pexda doesn’t give you any button to do this part. To import the product to your store, you’ll need to click the AliExpress link on the Pexda page for that product. After opening that product’s page in AliExpress, you’ll have to use the Oberlo Chrome extension to import the product into your store.

If you want your store to perform better, then you can also use Dropified instead of Oberlo. Keep in mind that Dropified is a paid tool, but the cost may not be much in your pocket.

Product Name & Description:

Pexda provides you just a basic name for the products. You’d be more successful if you give your products more branded names that would also make it difficult for the audience to look for that on the internet to then buy it from somewhere else.

At first glance, the product description provided by the Pexda team is just a big blob of words contrary to the properly formatted descriptions provided by Ecomhunt. On Pexda, you’ll first need to break down in a readable format. On reading them carefully, I’d say that they provide good descriptions.

Product Description Provided By Pexda

However, many other Pexda users will also be using those same descriptions for their product pages. So, instead of pasting them on your store as they are, you should rather model your own descriptions based on the description provided by team Pexda.

Pricing Your Product:

You should first check the product price on all the platforms and seller stores that Pexda provides you and then make your sound decision. For this particular Beauty LED mask, Pexda is suggesting you pricing that’s cheaper than that of Amazon and eBay.

Product Pricing Suggestion By Pexda

This means that you’ll have higher chances of getting sales if someone decides to take a look at Amazon and eBay for price comparison. The best thing is that you’re still left with a good profit margin even after selling drastically cheaper than other sellers.

Product Images:

While importing the product to your Shopify store through Oberlo or Dropified, the images will also be imported from that AliExpress product page. So, your work here is to take a quick look at those images for bad resolution and any Chinese text over them. If you can, then correct those images, otherwise remove them from your product page.

At this point, your product page is ready to run advertisements.

Sell The Trend

Step #4 – Setup & Launch Facebook Adverts

You have two ways to run Facebook adverts to generate sales:

  1. Run engagement ads and then send the product page’s link to the inbox of those who comment on your ad post.
  2. Directly run the conversion purchase ads to your product page.

Both ways can be good or bad for your pocket and for your sales. So, it’s your choice whether you want to choose only one of the two ways or both.

Facebook Ad And Targeting Suggestions Provided By Pexda

Pexda provides you data to create 2 proper adsets. But I’d suggest you create 3 more adsets as you’ve now got a good idea of whom to target.

The 2 video ads provided by Pexda are almost similar and you should run both video ads under each of the 5 adsets. Just make sure to model your own ad copy (text part of the advert) to make your adverts look unique.

Pexda Pricing

The Standard subscription (cheapest) of Pexda costs you $14.95/month popular Premium subscription of Pexda is priced at $24.95/month and the Ultimate subscription plan is priced at $99.95/month and there is no annual subscription plan for Pexda.

You may be feeling great thinking that you can get this cheap price of $14.95 and call it a day. But think again. The Pexda standard subscription plan although costs you less, but it only lets you see the latest products 3 days late. By the time, you get access to the latest products, the premium paying members would have already gotten the access and may have increased the competition for you.

Products For Premium And Ultimate Pexda Subscribers

A relieving point is that the Ultimate plan gives you access to only 1 special (more promising) product per day. Rest everything is the same in both the subscription plans. So, if you can’t afford it, then don’t feel bad about it as you still have 5 new products to test every day in your premium subscription of Pexda.

Is There Any Pexda Free Trial?

Pexda offers a different kind of paid trial period by letting you choose to start the Standard subscription at just $1.95 for the first 14 days after which you’ll be charged $14.95 as a renewal fee.

But hear me out before pulling your card out yet.

As I already told you how the Pexda Standard subscription limits your success rate by showing you the latest products on the 3rd day. Such a limitation makes this subscription plan totally redundant for you.

So, I’d suggest you rather bite the bullet and get the Pexda Premium subscription for yourself. (However, I’d still not recommend you to actually go and get any Pexda subscription.)


How Does Pexda Accept Payments?

You can pay for the Pexda subscription only through PayPal which gives you high security regarding your payment cards and money against fraud.

Is There Any Pexda Discount Coupon Code?

The affiliates of the Pexda tool do offer you a discount coupon code to use during your checkout. However, because I’m not recommending you to get Pexda… so, me offering you that discount coupon would feel like cheating you.

In any case, if you still want to get the Pexda tool for yourself, then you may go to Google and look for other Pexda reviews which would definitely be spamming their Pexda discount coupon codes all over their page.

Pexda Refund Policy

Pexda offers you a 7-day money-back guarantee. So, after paying for the Pexda subscription, you feel like Pexda is not the right tool for you (hint: I’m already telling that to you), then you can ask for a full refund of your money.

One thing to note is that their return and cancellation policy page looks like blindly copied from some policy template because few things over there don’t make any sense at all. But don’t worry about that as it doesn’t apply to you in any way.

Pexda Customer Support

Pexda doesn’t offer any live chat or phone call support to you. The only way to contact the Pexda customer support team is by email and their Facebook page’s inbox. A link to both of them is provided at the bottom of their website.

Look, if any company or seller ever gives you an option to contact through their Facebook page or Instagram page, then always prefer that over the email. I’ve seen a few times that such companies don’t check their emails as frequently as their social media inboxes.

Pexda Alternatives

I’ve noticed that most users while looking for Pexda alternatives, get confused between Pexda, Ecomhunt, and Dropship Spy. I can understand this dilemma as all 3 of these offer similar pricing structures. So, let’s dive in and see whether the Pexda tool is better than them or not.

Pexda vs Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt is a very close competitor of Pexda. Pexda offers you 5+1 new products (if you include that 6th product from the Ultimate subscription) as compared to just 2 new products per day from Ecomhunt. Pexda chrome extension (known as Auto Hunt Tool) seems to have better features than the Ecomhunt chrome extension, but neither of them actually work.

But when you talk about the actual information that you get for these curated products, then Ecomhunt provides you a better and more useable information to aid your decision making and advertising.

This alone makes Ecomhunt [review here] as the winner here. Besides this, Ecomhunt is also slightly cheaper than Pexda.

Pexda vs Dropship Spy

Like Pexda, Dropship Spy also started as a dropshipping product curator service. Gradually with the time, it now has evolved into a proper product research software offering you multiple features and tools to help you find unlimited promising products for your dropshipping store.

In easy words, the stuff Pexda offers is just one small part of what the Dropship Spy software can do for your dropshipping business, and again, the pricing is almost similar. That’s how Dropship Spy takes the win here.


Pexda Review – Conclusion

In the dropshipping business, you could move forward in dropshipping without using such tools, your movement would most likely be slow and it can even be in the direction of big losses.

So, it’s a must for you to get some kind of product curator tool or a product research tool to actually see some success as a beginner. This will save you lots of time, energy, and money that you can invest in the truly winning products.

Now, here’s my final verdict on Pexda review:

Pexda won’t provide you much value for your money as you may have already understood that by reading the above tool comparisons.

On simplifying your decision making process;

You should not subscribe to Pexda. If you prefer a simple minimal layout with just enough features to get through, then you should get the Ecomhunt tool, but if you want all the tools that you could get at this price, then you should subscribe to Dropship Spy [review here].

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