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Niche Scraper Review & Tutorial [2024]: This Is How You Do The Shopify Product Research

  • Niche Scraper
4.3/5Overall Score
  • Provides lots of useful data on winning products
  • Check top selling products on AliExpress as well as Shopify stores along with their current sales trend
  • Generate amazing slideshow video ads using simple product images
  • Affordable price with the annual plan being further cheaper
  • Can pay for the subscription using Credit cards, Debit cards, and PayPal
  • Easy to follow tutorials & guides
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Dedicated Facebook Group
  • could provide some more data on winning products like sales trends, etc
  • The support team needs to be contacted for paying through Debit cards
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If you aren’t sure whether you should take the leap and purchase a Niche Scraper subscription, then don’t worry.

I’ve used it for a long time and will help you make the decision through this Niche Scraper review & tutorial article.

Did You Know:

The most crucial part of getting success in the dropship business is the “Product” you are about to sell.

This means that even if your product isn’t attractive enough for the customers, no website design or marketing technique will work for you.

So, you need to find the most viral and trending products to quickly start generating high profits, even if you are a beginner dropshipper.

Although you could find a potential product using these manual methods, to be honest, it can get quite tricky and time-consuming if you are a newbie dropshipper.

On the contrary, if you’ve got a continuous supply of winning products to test, it’ll save lots of your time and money and give you a selling product for your Shopify store faster than you could get through the free methods.

There are several tools and software that can help you in finding winning products. And most of them have their own limitations and drawbacks that I’ll tell you later down below.

But What if I tell you that there is a more accurate and reliable Product Hunt Tool that helps you find a winning Shopify product that will bring more sales conversions and high ROI (Return On Investment)?

Disclosure: This Niche Scraper review post contains affiliate links in the form of text and images. If you click through them and make a purchase, I’ll earn a commission at no additional cost to you, which will support this blog.

What is Niche Scraper?

Niche Scraper is a SaaS (Software as a service) tool that helps dropshippers research the winning products to sell on their own eCommerce stores, whether they’re on Shopify or WooCommerce, or anywhere else.

This spy tool helps you do this dropshipping product research by spying on other Shopify stores and Aliexpress itself.

Now, the fun fact is that most people are doing this dropshipping business with the help of the Shopify eCommerce platform, which is the easiest to use as long as you know how to surf the internet.

Who is Niche Scraper NOT for?

1. Casual Dropshippers

As a casual dropshipper, you’re not going to get much value from deep insight into your content. This is because you won’t take dropshipping as a serious business. So, you’re unlikely to make any profit from this insight.

2. Market Pioneers

You can’t have data about a niche if the niche doesn’t even exist. If you’re in a completely new market (e.g., Uber in 2010), you won’t find much use in Niche Scraper.

3. The Impatient Newbies

Although Niche Scraper will give you 100s of winning products to sell on your Shopify dropshipping store, there’s no 100% sales guarantee in the next few days.

You’ll still need to go through the product testing phase. But the only benefit is that you’ll have better and more promising products to test than you would have chosen otherwise.

4. Copy & Paste Ninjas

Of course, Niche Scraper will give you the product names and descriptions to use in your Shopify stores. But you aren’t their only user. You aren’t the only person seeing those same products.

So, if you can’t create better names and descriptions of the given ones, you may see a sales scarcity in your Shopify store. Niche Scraper is an excellent tool, but it isn’t for everyone. If you fall into one of the four categories below, you’ll do better to avoid Niche Scraper altogether.

Who is Niche Scraper for?

If you fall into one of the three categories below, you are good to go with Niche Scraper.

1. Low Budget Dropshippers

If you are on a low budget, you obviously need cheaper solutions to help you succeed in the dropshipping business. And Niche Scraper is way cheaper than you imagine.

2. Dropshipping Beginners

When you are new to dropshipping, you need as much as possible to get through the product research and marketing phase. And Niche Scraper provides you with great help in that area.

3. NOT Video Creation Pros

If you aren’t a pro in video creation… if you don’t even like creating videos, then Niche Scraper provides you the feature in which you can create simple yet high-converting slideshow videos using simple product images or any images, music, and overlay text that you want.


Niche Scraper vs Dropship Spy vs Ecomhunt vs Pexda Comparison

First of all, to clear the clouds, Ecomhunt [review here] and Pexda [review here] are almost the same. They both do nearly the same stuff at almost the same prices.

Niche Scraper offers the same features that EcomHunt and Pexda do, but with one significant difference — unlimited access to a robust product scraping bot.

Dropship Spy [review here] is almost as good as Niche Scraper, even in pricing. The significant difference is the ability to create slideshow video ads in Niche Scraper.

On the one hand, Pexda and Ecomhunt have only winning product scraper features. Whereas in Niche Scraper, the winning product scraper is only 1 of its many powerful features.

So, you can safely say that Niche Scraper is a perfect alternative to Pexda and Ecomhunt software.

How can Niche Scraper Help You Find High-Converting Products to Sell in Your Shopify Dropshipping Store?

Winning Product Scraper

Imagine having the ability to find out all the trendy and bestselling products in both the Shopify stores as well as on Aliexpress itself. And how great it would be if you could also see all the critical data on those products, like sales trend in the last 7 days, sales difficulty level, and the rate at which the product sales are growing or decreasing.


Would this help you decide which product to sell and which not to? Well, that’s precisely what this feature of Niche Scraper does for you. Moreover, it also lets you filter and sort the products by date, niches, price, orders, sales difficulty level, etc. And if you already have a product in mind, then you can directly search and analyze it as well here:



Hand-Picked Products

Now all the research process I told you about earlier was great. But what if you could just get a list of done-for-you researched products? This way, you’ll save even more time of yours. Although this also means that many other Niche Scraper users will also be able to see these products. But if you change your promotion method or marketing angle, you can still win over them.

In this Hand-Picked products section, you’ll see a complete list of products that are hand-picked by the team. They usually post at least 1-2 new products daily. So you can come to the website and test the latest products daily. Just pick the products of your heart’s desire and start testing them on your Shopify store. It’s that simple here.


Niche Scraper gives you lots of details on these products, like a good product name and description… suggested prices, and profit margins… Sales trends in the last 7 days… Links to Facebook ads, Shopify stores, Aliexpress suppliers… Facebook ad targeting suggestions, ad copies (text)… and even an Aliexpress reviews section to help you quickly check if the product is actually good to sell on your dropshipping store.

TIP: Although you can use the given ‘product Names’ from the above section… BUT everyone else will also be doing the same. So, I suggest writing an even better and more branded product name. For example, “Versace – Black Leather Watch For Classy Men”. This will keep your store unique and branded and boost your SEO (search engine optimization).


Store Analysis

Suppose you happen to come across any eCommerce store, whether it is dropshipping or not… or Suppose you saw a product’s ad on your social media news feed. And you like the products in it, or maybe you just want to check if you can source them from Aliexpress? Perhaps you want to check the whole store to find which product is the bestseller.


Well, this section of the Niche Scraper tool can do this for you. Here, you can also search for all the Shopify stores with a specific keyword in their name (which may or may not be in the URL/domain). For example, you may just want to search for the stores with “DOG” in their store name or domain name. Then, you can do it here. Look at this example below:


Once you’ve found the product you want to sell on your Shopify store, you can simply push that product to your Shopify store with a click of a button. You must first connect Niche Scraper with your Shopify store to do that. However, this can only export products to your store, but to fulfill them, you’ll still have to install the Oberlo app in your store.

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Facebook Video Ad Generator

It is all known fact that video ads convert much more than image ads unless you are lucky. Stealing the default ad videos from other dropshippers may work a little for you, but that will make you look like another store selling the same product. The same thing will happen even if you use the videos curated by the software teams because these videos will also be available for all the software users.

That’s precisely where this Niche Scraper tool excels. It provides a section where you can create unique Ad videos by using simple images, music, and text within a few seconds. Although you have only 16 copyright-free pieces of music to use, and you can use only up to 10 images, it’s still more than enough to get started.


As you can see at the top of this above image, you can also import pictures from the product pages of other eCommerce stores, but I won’t recommend it because sometimes it may pull the images that are irrelevant to the Ad. And downloading & re-uploading 10 photographs doesn’t take that long time anyways.

NOTE: You’ll have to click on the uploaded images (as shown in the bottom left picture) to select the order you want to show them in the generated video.


As you can see in the upper right side image, that’s how your video Ad will look in the Facebook newsfeed.

Is Niche Scraper Free?

Niche Scraper has a free plan to get limited product data. These free accounts are provided just to let you take a test drive of the tool. Besides, a free account of such paid tools won’t benefit you.

You shall also know that there’s no Niche Scraper free trial available. You either keep going on with the free plan or upgrade to this tool’s paid plan.

Considering this information, you’d be much better off going with a paid subscription to the Niche Scraper tool.

Niche Scraper Pricing Plan / Cost

The Niche Scraper software is usually priced at $69 Monthly, but you can get it here for $49.95 right now… or you can opt for paying $199 Annually.

However, they keep on changing their prices every now and then. I must say they have the most volatile pricing among all the product research tools. But it’s only volatile in the upward direction. So, if you want to get it, then get it now.

The Niche Scraper pricing is too simplified for easy understanding of new users. There aren’t multiple pricing plans to confuse you. It’s either everything or nothing.

On top of that, If you decide to get the Niche Scraper annual plan, it’ll be much cheaper. Basically, you’ll pay only for 4 months every year by choosing to go annual instead of monthly.

Now, whether you want to spend this amount or not is totally up to you. However, they do have a FREE plan that you can claim here for a test drive of this Shopify product spy tool. However, the free plan does have lots of limitations. But you should be able to see its power before you’re hit by those limitations.

What Mode of Payments does Niche Scraper Accept?

You can pay for the Niche Scraper subscription by PayPal™️ , highly recommended for online purchases, or you can also pay with a credit card.

Niche Scraper Payment Page

But If you have only a debit card, then just send them an email through the contact options listed on their website (their contact page, for example). They will then provide you with a link to pay through a debit card. That’s how I paid them for my subscription plan.

NOTE: If you’re living in India, make sure that your Debit/Credit card is activated for international transactions.

The International transaction is not activated by default. So, you’ll have to contact your bank to activate this feature. And this may also be the case for dropshippers from some other countries. The only best way to confirm this is by contacting your bank.

Niche Scraper Refund Policy

If you do not like this tool, the Niche Scraper team offers a 7-day money-back guarantee if you request them via email.

What Bonuses are You getting with Niche Scraper Tool?

Niche Scraper Provided Tutorials And Guides

The Niche Scraper team provides 5 FREE Tutorials to help you do better at Shopify dropshipping:

  1. How to Find Winning Products Using Niche Scraper
  2. How Niche Scraper CEO Left a 6 Figure Job to Dropship
  3. FREE Shopify Store Checklist
  4. 7 Rules of Dropshipping That You MUST Follow
  5. Facebook Ad Tutorial (Because this one is outdated, so you should instead follow this Facebook ads tutorial for 2024 below) there is ONE Members-Only tutorial on “How to generate FREE Traffic for your Shopify store,” to which you will get access only after getting the paid membership.

But it’s totally worth paying for!

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Is There a Better Niche Scraper Alternative?

There’s a better alternative to Niche Scraper, and it is Intelligynce. Although the Niche Scraper tool has everything, you need for your dropshipping success. But Intelligynce provides much more valuable data.

I have recently written a detailed review of Intelligynce software while covering all of its features, pros, cons, etc. I suggest you also read it to make a clear decision for your success.

The only downside of ShopInspect could be the relatively higher price. However, I believe that its price is entirely justified by the features it provides us. Tell me, what do you think of this?

Should You Buy Niche Scraper?


As I said, I have used all the famous Shopify product research tools like Ecomhunt, Pexda, and many more, and of course, Niche Scraper. So, before you go running searches for Niche scraper vs Ecomhunt… Is Ecomhunt or Pexda a Niche Scraper alternative?… etc., let me save you some time by telling you:

I have found that as of today, Niche Scraper is the next BEST and the Cheapest dropshipping product research solution out there after Dropship Spy, whose review you can read here.

Now, the answer to your question is:

YES, you can buy the Niche Scraper subscription.

However, the only feature that’s better in the Niche Scraper tool is its Video Maker Tool which I told you about above. And I have requested the Dropship Spy team to add this feature to their dashboard.

And to your delight, they actually agreed and are working on it. If and when this happens, I’ll update it here. So, be sure to subscribe!

Is There a Niche Scraper Discount Coupon Code?

First, you should know:

In Niche Scraper, the only way you can activate a discount code (if you have any) is by entering it in this black coupon box below, which shows upon clicking the “Enter it here” text on the Niche Scraper billing page. Look at this image:


So, don’t click on random links and buttons on other websites that promise to activate Niche Scraper discounts just by clicking them.


I’ve asked the Niche Scraper team if they could give me a discount code that I could provide to you. And to your delight, Eric Smith, the Niche Scraper CEO, responded within a few hours and gave me this discount coupon code for you: TRENDING18

This Niche Scraper discount coupon code will reduce your monthly price from $39 to $18… and your annual plan from $199 to $99. So, it’s an even greater reason to get the yearly plan. This way, you’ll save the maximum amount you can without compromising on any benefits.


How to Claim this Niche Scraper Discount Coupon Code?

To Claim This Coupon Code For Yourself, Follow These Step-By-Step Instructions:

STEP 1: Click here to register your Free account.

STEP 2: Click on the Upgrade button at the top of the screen.

STEP 3: Select whether you want to pay monthly or annually.

STEP 4: On the billing page, click the “Enter it here” text and fill in the code TRENDING18, as shown in the above image.

NOTE: You don’t need to buy the subscription immediately after registering because you’ll get a few Free searches before you’re asked to upgrade.

But just don’t forget the coupon code when you feel the need to upgrade. To be honest, how soon you want to pay depends on how serious you are about this.

Final Words: Should You Buy Niche Scraper?

To move forward in dropshipping without too much effort, you need to use a dropshipping product research tool. And like any other product research tool, niche scraper has its pros and cons, which I already mentioned earlier, and I even told you the alternatives.

In the end, it all depends on what features you really need.

But to be honest, unless you are trying to get the cheapest thing out there, I would prefer buying a ShopInspect subscription [review here].

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